Nick Pescetto
Canadian Thrills
"I have been to B.C many times, but I think that this one was one of the best trips ever. It all began with Crankworx Whistler. For starters that is just the perfect spot. That event is about all the good homies and an average sleep of very few hours per night, riding everyday, hitting up all the best lakes, parties, tryin’ to kill jetlag and enjoying everything Canada has to offer.....

After a crazy week there, I found myself in a car for 15 more days with two of my best mates, Luis Biscaldi and Gionata Livorti.

On the road along the west coast, the only goal was to soak up what came along our way: from riding at the Hoffest with all the FEST series guys, to eating dust in Kamloops with the Vanzacs, where in my opinion, there are the best shaped jumps and your hunger for airtime will be fed for sure. We passed the hot springs in the middle of nowhere in the Native reserves and ended up riding the 'Kenny Smith train gap'.

In the end, we were finishing up riding the most fun bikepark trails at the Coastal Gravity Park where we were lucky enough to ride with the locals: Brendan Howey, Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton. To me, those guys are some of the most stylish riders of this planet. Shout outs to those guys. And also to everyone who got behind the camera: Luis Biscaldi, Gionata Livorti & Keenan Kovacs.

Can’t wait for the next projects and I really hope I can give birth to all the ideas, creations and dreams I have in my mind at the moment."

Nick Pescetto


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