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Glove Guide

Finding the right glove can be crucial in creating a seamless connection to your bar and bike. No matter if you're searching for extra protection and support or want to keep it comfortable & functional. It is worth taking a deeper look into our different lines to make sure your choice suits your riding style.

Why should I wear mountainbike gloves?

While some riders forgo wearing mountainbike gloves, they come with some practical features to improve your riding experience. First of all, they increase grip on the bars and help to avoid blisters. Some models even come with extra padding to prevent fatigue on long tours and many hours on the bike. Additionally to the full coverage, some models feature protective elements on the most exposed fingers to guard against branches and dirt.



You will find that our ION mountainbike gloves come in different levels concerning pricing and features:


SELECT: Our top-notch level with premium features & materials

AMP: Maximum performance for a good price

CORE: Entry-level & minimalistic


ION's lightest and best-ventilated gloves Traze provide comfort on long rides. These performance-oriented gloves are suitable for uphills as well as descents. On really hot days you can choose the short-finger version.


. Light & breathable
. Padding on palm
. Available with long & short fingers

Gloves Traze 2021 / 787 ocean blue Gloves Traze 2021 Gloves Traze 2021 Gloves Traze 2021

Gloves Traze 2021

€ 34,95 € 29,71


The versatile Scrub gloves are made for every riding style from urban adventures, jump lines to shredding the bikepark. The secret lies in a thin, one-piece, grippy palm area without seams. Hence providing ultimate bar feel, maximum control, and comfort without folds.


. Scrub & ION Logo gloves: Minimalistic enduro, park & urban-oriented gloves.
. Scrub Amp: Lightweight, robust gloves with light protection

SHELTER | Weather protection for all riding styles

The gloves Haze Amp fall into ION’s shelter line, making them the right choice for bad weather days. Cancel off-days no matter if you’re ripping snowy home trails or muddy bikepark in autumn. The Haze Amp gloves guard against wind and rain thanks to their integrated rain cover while providing sufficient grip and control on the bars.

Haze Amp / 787 ocean blue Haze Amp

Haze Amp

€ 69,95

How should mountainbike gloves fit?

Mountainbike gloves should have a snug fit without feeling restrictive in any areas. That is the best way to avoid irritating folds that may cause blisters. Plus, you will get the best grip experience possible. Also, make sure to try your gloves out in a riding position with hands around the bar and forefinger on the breaks. If you feel any tightness or restriction choose one size larger.


How do I find the right mtb glove size?

To find the right size of ION mountainbike gloves, measure the circumference on your knuckles. Thanks to elastics or adjustable velcros, the cuff will adapt automatically to your wrist size (depending on the model).


Open size chart

How do I care for my mountainbike gloves?

Mountainbike gloves can get smelly from time to time. Luckily, it’s really easy to keep them fresh and make them ready for many more rides. Most of the time simple handwashing with mild soap is sufficient. Please do not tumble dry your gloves.


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