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Scrub Amp 2019

Gloves ITEM NO. 47900-5926
Scrub AMP
Scrub AMP
Scrub AMP
Scrub AMP
Scrub AMP
Scrub AMP
ITEM NO. 47900-5926


Scrub AMP black
Scrub AMP grey melange
Scrub AMP pink isover






preshaped one-piece Thumb's up_Panel

flexible Rip_Knit upper hand

Knitted upper hand offers perfect fit and a very comfy climate.

Knuckle_Pad on lateral knuckles

Injected applications on upper hand to protect lateral fingers when holding the bars.

Holy_Cow synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is three times stronger than real leather, it requires only a third of real leather's weight to achieve equal tear strength. It resists abrasion better than real leather and is easy to care for. It can be washed by hand or with a machine. And: PeTa rocks!


A special fabric panel enables you to control your touch screen device. ION’s Digital_Tips are located at the very end of the fingertips, not just at the end of the inner hand panel.


On the fore- and middle finger for precise and safe brake lever control.

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