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Rascal Select 2020

Footwear ITEM NO. 47200-4373
Shoe Rascal Select
ITEM NO. 47200-4373


Shoe Rascal Select 900 black
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SupTraction_Rubber Soul CL w/ reinforced shank

We rely on the design and rubber blend of the sole. But we felt that the stiffness can be amped. That's why we reinforced the shank inside the sole to get a plus in stiffness and make for a proper sole of a high-end trail oriented bike shoe.

full kevlar upper w/ Air_prene gaiter

Kevlar = Heavy Duty. And the right choice to build a shoe that lasts, well, a looooong time. Combined with the Air_prene gaiter which holds of dust & dirt & mud & crud this shoe is longing for demanding rides.

Serpen_Tie 2.0 w/ length adjustment

Insteps – especially their height – vary a lot. To come up with an adjustable system while keeping the simple, yet effective Serpen_Tie strap on our shoes, we decided to move the deviation point if necessary: A rather simple hook and eye solution allows for length adjustment and thus a perfect fit.

Ortholite Eco Plush Insole

Offers a unique plush “ride” that delivers extreme cushioning in our bike shoes.


Reinforcements on most exposed and stressed areas.


Extra padding towards the cranks to protect the lower ankles.

compatible with all common MTB pedal systems