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very lightweight & highly breathable

From racing stages to singletrack sunsets, e-bike adventures and friendly battles - we look to show the many faces of the Traze line. No matter how far or hard you want to go, the Traze line will take you there and back again. On the one hand, we have the narrow focus of racers looking for power and performance, and on the other, beautiful landscapes and breathless banter. In the end, it’s a different route to the same outcome: an amazing day on the bike. The Traze line sets out to showcase the line versatility while representing the all-mountain/e-bike rider.

level description


High-tech materials for ultimate fit combined with unlimited performance. The Select level speaks to those riders with the highest demands not only on themselves but also on their equipment. Our top-notch is ready for you!



Your Go-to choice without missing out on anything. The Amp level is fueled with style and combines the most important features in terms of comfort, functionality and protection.



Reliable & functional  mountainbike gear for riders who want to progress without breaking the bank.


Explore smart materials from bikewear that lets you move freely while giving you extra ventilation to light protection that can keep up with your pedaling. No matter if you go clipless or flat pedal this line is there to conquer the trails with you.

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Traze Vent VIEW LOOK
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Traze Vent VIEW LOOK
Traze Vent VIEW LOOK
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body armor

K-Traze / ocean blue K-Traze


€ 89,95
E-Traze / black E-Traze


€ 79,95
BD-Socks 2.0 / 191 thunder grey BD-Socks 2.0 BD-Socks 2.0 BD-Socks 2.0 BD-Socks 2.0 BD-Socks 2.0

BD-Socks 2.0

€ 39,95


Shoe Rascal AMP / 100 white Shoe Rascal AMP

Shoe Rascal AMP

€ 169,95
Scrub Select / 870 loam brown Scrub Select

Scrub Select

€ 179,95
Scrub Amp / 191 thunder grey Scrub Amp Scrub Amp Scrub Amp

Scrub Amp

€ 149,95
Scrub / 789 deeper ocean Scrub Scrub


€ 129,95


Gloves Traze / 404 riot orange Gloves Traze Gloves Traze Gloves Traze

Gloves Traze

€ 34,95
Paze / 900 black


€ 29,95
Haze Amp / 787 ocean blue Haze Amp

Haze Amp

€ 69,95


Hipbag TRAZE 3 / 900 black Hipbag TRAZE 3 Hipbag TRAZE 3

Hipbag TRAZE 3

€ 69,95
Villain 8 / 900 black

Villain 8

€ 99,95
Scrub 14 / 900 black

Scrub 14

€ 159,95