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ION is continuously sourcing for new, innovative and more sustainable materials. We are committed to avoiding the use of harmful chemicals by opting for approved materials and suppliers. The majority of our fabric manufacturers are bluesign® and Ökotex 100 certified.


consisting of renewable raw materials

Together with SAS-TEC, we succeed in bringing more eco into the ION protective gear. More than 60%  of the unique viscoelastic SAS-TEC PU foam consists of renewable raw materials.

Organic Cotton

improving soil quality and reducing water consumption

Organic cotton is grown in mixed crops and/or crop rotation instead of in monoculture. This improves the soil quality and thus reduces water consumption from 10,000 l / kg to about half, depending on the source and the land in which it is grown. The use of GMO (genetically modified organism) is prohibited, as is the use of herbicides and pesticides (conventional cotton is treated about 20 times before harvesting). Chemical-synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are also prohibited.

The organic cotton which is processed in our products is certified by the organic content standard (OCS).

Drirelease Eco

Incorporating PET

Consists of 15% organic cotton and 85% recycled polyester. The new Drirelease e.c.o. fabrics combine the superior wicking and fast-drying properties of Drirelease while incorporating Unifi’s Repreve fibers, which are made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, the material commonly used to make plastic bottles and other synthetic containers.

Recycled Polyester

Reducing ocean littering

Everything that is recycled naturally does not end up in the sea.

Recycled polyester is made chemically or mechanically from existing polyester products (e.g. PET bottles or waste from the sea). As a result, recycled polyester requires fewer raw materials (petroleum), approx. 50% less energy during production and emits approx. 30% less CO2. Furthermore, water usage during the process is reduced by approx. 90%. For example, recycled polyester is more sustainable than organic cotton in terms of energy and raw material consumption. The recycled polyester which is processed in our products is certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

Primaloft Silver

Using post-consumer recycled material

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation is made with 70% recycled polyester and provides superb thermal efficiency, water- and wind-resistance, compressibility and breathability. It uses post-consumer recycled material to create a high loft, thermally efficient, earth-friendly insulation. Approximately 28 recycled bottles are used in the making of each kilogram of PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Eco, which equates to approximately six bottles per garment.