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Materials & Technology

“Making the best product matters for saving the planet.”

Limestone Neoprene

Reducing the impact

Eco Carbon Black

Cutting emissions

We use earth mined limestone to replace petrochemicals in our neoprene. It comes from nature and has less environmental impact. 

Carbon black, one of the key ingredients of neoprene, can now be pyrolyzed from scrap rubber tires. The significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emission by 200g per wetsuit. 

Aqua-α ™ Technology

Protecting health

Dope-Dying Yarn

Saving resources

ION Wetsuits use the Aqua-α ™ technology. Aqua-α ™ is a solvent-free and completely water-based glue, which protects the health of workers at the factory as there is nearly no bad smell from the glue. The difference is huge - a good step for the people behind all the great wetsuits and the environment.

Dope-dying infuses dye pigments into molten plastic solution to produce coloured yarns without the dyeing process. This saves tremendous amounts of water while reducing energy consumption and water pollution.

Recycled Polyester

Reducing waste

A wide selection of our fabrics are knitted with polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. This helps to reduce waste and material consumption at the same time.
-> 45 plastic bottles for one wetsuit