Childhood dreams. We give up on them too easy, don’t we? We fall into the trap of “adult life”. We end up following the path that society expects us to. More than ever before, we’re expected to perform at the highest level, in everything we do. In our jobs, in our hobbies, even as parents and in our relationships. Sometimes it seems that the world offers more stages to perform on than opportunities to live.

Everything is expected to move faster, to be performance-enhanced – whether LTE, social media, drugs or self-optimization. We get caught in the trap, again and again as our vision becomes more and more blurred. We are travelling so fast that we don’t see what’s going on right in front of us. We are racing in the tunnel into the light. We get lost, lose control or can’t stand the pressure anymore. We burn out in this useless, competitive race.

No wonder I see more and more people who decide to change direction and deliberately slow down. They quit their jobs and finally DO what they always dreamed of, because they realize that tomorrow never comes.

It’s what’s here and now that counts. The clock of life is ticking. Step out of the trap, turn around and choose the life you dreamed of. Don’t be scared. Follow the dreams of your childhood.

Rob Heran

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