C-Bar 2.0

Lock and go

C-Bar 2.0

After successfully introducing the C_Bar ION keeps developing its technique to make the spreader bar accessible to a larger audience. The new C_Bar 2.0 features a rope slider as well as the modular exchange system for hooks. All these possibilities come in an easy to handle and slim design. The C-Bar 2.0 is made out of fiber re-inforced injection material instead metal, which makes it ultra lightweight.

Tension Lever System


Tension Lever System

The new tension lever tightens the harness without having to change the buckle settings. This means that straps only need adjusting once and you can then simply lock and go! It also guarantees a perfect fit, as the webbing of the harness stays in place even when wet.

Vice CS 20 Hadlow


Symmetric Force Spread

The forces that act on the body while kiting or windsurfing are absorbed and spread symmetrically – the bar has the same stability at both ends – therefore providing a very comfortable riding experience where pressure points are spread evenly around the waist.

40% Lighter

The fiber re-inforced injection material is ultra lightweight and therefore the C-bar is 40% lighter than former metal spreaderbars.

Modular Exchange System

The hook can be exchanged optionally at any time – there are 4 options available: kite hook, windsurf hook, metal slider, rope slider.

Harnesses with the new C-Bar 2.0




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