Welcome to the exhilarating world behind the lens of "Legacy"
– a must-watch motion poetry paying homage to the iconic freeride spots and heroes of Canada, BC.

Picture this: Inspired by the heart-pounding adventures of Big Mountain Ski/Snowboard, freeride mountain biking found its genesis in the dusty gravel pits of Kamloops. Fast forward through the decades, and the thrill remains unchanged. The jumps still stand tall, the lines etched into the hills speak volumes.

Join us on a journey from the lush forests of Nanaimo to the arid landscapes of Kamloops, where Dillon Butcher and Alex Volkov orchestrate a heartfelt tribute to the legends who ignited their passion.

In "Legacy," immerse yourself in a road trip across the hallowed grounds where the sport we all adore was born. Witness the torch being passed to a new generation of freeriders, infusing more creativity, ease, and commitment into the original features.

Alex and Dillon epitomize this evolution, carving through the terrain with unparalleled style and finesse. As they weave through these legendary lines, they offer a testament to the boundless potential of freeride mountain biking.

The future shines bright, and "Legacy" captures it all – mountain biking in its purest form, expertly filmed and edited by the visionary Pierre Henni.

Prepare to be captivated. These are the analog snapshots that tell the untold stories behind the adrenaline-fueled masterpiece. Enjoy browsing through the collectibles and watching the episode!


»It was a great week showing the guys around to all my favorite island spots and the history they hold. A few days in the desert was just the icing on the cake!«

— Dillon Butcher
Bartek Wolinski

»Our ION trip to British Columbia was a long time coming, and I was stoked to join the crew for this unforgettable ride through some Canadian classics on Vancouver Island and Kamloops. The nature in Canada is simply mind blowing, and it's definitely my number #1 place to ride and shoot. Big thanks to the whole crew for killing it, and especially to Alex and Dillonfor insane riding through the whole trip!«

— Bartek Wolinski


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