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Antoine Bizet


  • Hometown: Citizen of the world based in Champage-au-mont-d'or, France
  • Date of Birth: 15.09.1992
  • Favorite Trail: the one I'm riding!!!
  • Favorite Bikewear-Line (Traze, Scrub, Seek or Outerwear): Traze and Scrub!

Favorite Products

Tee LS Scrub Mesh_ine / 100 white Tee LS Scrub Mesh_ine Tee LS Scrub Mesh_ine

Tee LS Scrub Mesh_ine

€ 94,95 € 80,71
Bikeshorts Scrub Mesh_ine / 491 smashing red Bikeshorts Scrub Mesh_ine

Bikeshorts Scrub Mesh_ine

€ 139,95 € 118,96
K-Pact Zip / ocean blue K-Pact Zip

K-Pact Zip

€ 109,99
Scrub Select / 870 loam brown Scrub Select

Scrub Select

€ 179,95
ION Bike Athlete Antoine Bizet





“What I like about ION:

The whole watersports and MTB vibe of ion fits my vision very well, I love how high quality and durable the products are in general”



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