Onyx Amp

Semidry 4/3 DL ITEM NO. 48702-4434
Onyx Amp Semidry 4/3 DL
Onyx Amp Semidry 4/3 DL
Onyx Amp Semidry 4/3 DL
ITEM NO. 48702-4434


Onyx Amp Semidry 4/3 DL black/phantom
Onyx Amp Semidry 4/3 DL Inside View
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Line Concept

Target Group







Neo tape sealing on the inside for superb flex and water resistance


Hot_Stuff lining and Seal_Tight water barrier features at collar, arms and legs.

Optimum Flex

Ninja_Knee and Single_Seam in the leg enhances freedom.


Maki_Tape is the made out of Cyber_Stretch 130% Neoprene and thus not limiting at all. At Amp Level suits, it seals every inch of each seam for incredible sealing against water without limiting stretch, wheres you'll find it in other levels at isolated areas for improved sealing or reinforcement.

Single panel back

Reduced seam panel layout at the back to save weight and enhance stretch.


A narrow rubber strip on the cuffs of the leg and arm ends, as well as on the collar. Ensures a better sealing and prevents the material from leaking.


All stress points are reinforced and secured from the inside with Melco tape for increased lifespan. If you accidentally left the suit in the trunk of your car on a hot day, they can start to peel off. Don't panic! Gently use an iron over the affected area as the glue is activated by heat.



To improve flexibility and comfort, all ION wetsuits come with the Contour_Cut. It greatly enhances flex in the collar, wrists, elbows and insteps.


In order to combat water accumulation inside the wetsuit we assure that quick water release is provided when needed. The Drain_Holes are secured in place from the inside and won't expand.

Internal Key_Pocket

Enjoy the session and stop worrying about your keys. Just store them in the Key_Pocket inside the wetsuit at the backzip. Please note, only store water resistant keys in order to avoid any damage.


No need to panic! All ION wetsuits are equipped with a clever key pocket, inside of which is an elasticated attachment. Depending on the model of the suit, this feature can be found on the calf, arm or other area. *Please note. Only store water resistant keys in order to avoid any damage.


What's the one thing a customer does at the shop? They pull at the wetsuit's arms. But hey, the legs deserve the same attention! Therefore the new Ninja_Knees feature uses the same highly elastic material used in the arm panels. The result is awesome freedom of movement while bending your knees.


Highly abrasion resistant. Great strength against tearing. Primarily used on knee panels or buttock area.


This improved Hot_Stuff has a wooly appearance and feels great against bare skin. The wooly knit structure in black/red colour combinations has a very good stretch.