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Safety Check

In order to always ensure the safety of our products we would like to ask all user to do the below described safety check.

Unfortunately, some pins used in the Releasebuckles on harnesses have been noted to lack fixation within the part, which can result in a malfunction of the buckle. This is due to an inconsistent production process in a certain batch. 

Because it cannot be assured beyond doubt that the built quality conforms to the required standard, we have instigated a precautionary safety check for all Releasebuckle VI.

Please check your buckle before the next use. 

This manual explains how to conduct the check of your Buckle: Download Check Manual here


In case you discover your pin to be loose, you can easily replace it by yourself. This manual explains how to replace the pin of your Buckle: Download Replacement Manual here

You may also follow the instructions for check and replacement as demonstrated in the two videos below.


In case you find your pins do be defective, you can also contact any ION Dealer of your choice for replacement of the pins. Please use the Dealer Finder to find the Dealer that suits you best. The Dealer will send you replacement pins free of charge. You may also go see dealer in person to have your pins exchanged.


We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you. 


ION Team 

Pin check

Pin change