Why don't you have prices on your site?
We don't have any prices on our site because prices may vary from country to country. We recommend a trip to your local dealer to check out the price of your desired ION stuff.

I want to sell ION in my shop. What do I have to do?

You need to go to www.ion-essentials.com and find the distributor responsible for your area.

I am missing a specific product in the ION product range. Is there anything I can do?
We are very thankful for any comment on our product line. Please feel free to send us as much feedback on our wetsuits as possible. If we find you advice helpful, we will reward you for it.

How can I get sponsored by ION?

First try and get started with your regional shop and build up a local recognition. Getting sponsored by a shop can sometimes lead to a local rep sponsorship. A local dealer will have the connections to help you get sponsorship if you are good enough. It also helps if you have a resume of contest results, other possible sponsors and a video of your riding to send to the distributor in your country. You can find all our distributors on the DISTRIBUTORS page here on our website.


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