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How To

C-Bar 3.0 - How to change the hooks

The C-Bar 3.0 is delivered with Webbing Slider, but without hook


Step 1: Remove the three screws on the EVA pad

Step 2: Remove the placeholder

Step 3: Insert the hook of your choice from above between bar and pad.

Step 4: Tighten the hook with three screws

Step 5: Ready to shred!


Note: The placeholder removed in step 2 may be locked away. 


Download the steps here 

How to change the hooks with Lasse Walker

Not convinced by the explanation above?  


Let Lasse Walker show you how to change the hooks in just a few steps. 


Whatever hook suits your need best, mounting it to the C-Bar 3.0 is as easy as it gets. 

C-Bar 3.0 - How to adjust the Webbing slider

Step 1: Pull the clamp out of the slot inside of the EVA pad

Step 2: Remove the screws of the clamp

Step 3: Move clamp position to your desired webbing length

Step 4: Attach clamp and tighten screws. Important: Do not turn the screw through the webbing, just pass it at the side.

Step 5: Stow the clamp and end of the slider back inside the pad

Step 6: Ready to shred!


Download the steps here