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What is the concept of the ION FUSE DRYSUIT?
High end premium drysuit for above water sports such as kiting, windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, SUP, etc. For 2012 this ground breaking technology invented by ION comes with a waterproof P_Zip and a fully Detachable Hood.

The clever synergy between a conventional snug fit Neoprene suit and the baggy style nylon fabric drysuits makes this unique concept probably the warmest suit you have ever worn. Suddenly your season on the water has 12 months. Try it first before you judge - read why!

What's so good about the new FUSE DRYSUIT?
Warm: The 4.0-3,0mm thick loose-fit neoprene shell serves for best heat retention possible in extremely icy conditions. Much less extra thermal underwear is needed!

Elastic: Flexible Neoprene construction allows awesome wearing comfort and less bulky fit which prevents restriction of movement especially for hardcore tricks and swimming Dry: Highly waterproof due to new premium TIZIP Master_Seal dryzipper, improved highly elastic SEAMTITE bottleneck Latex cuffs and fully glued blind-stitched seams with additional seam tapes

Safe: As Neoprene supports floatation on the water, it helps you not to drown in an emergency situation. Even if there is a small water leakage in the suit the Neoprene shell still provides some thermal insulation to save you, Please also read safety instructions carefully at the end of this manual!

Why is the FUSE made of Neoprene?
Basically two reasons: First of all because Neoprene has superior heat retention propeltics compared to Nylon fabric. Second reason is the outstanding flexibility of Neoprene! Nylon does not stretch and therefore restricts the freedom of movement.

Our FUSE DRYSUIT fits less bulky than a baggy Nylon suit, but more loose fit compared to a conventional snug-fit Neoprene wetsuit, Therefore you feel completely unrestricted in any way Dressing up is super convenient and actually it feels much more like wearing a comfortable overall rather than a tight wetsuit.

Is the FUSE really so much warmer?
Yes, you bet! In combination with our new ION functional quickdrying underwear the FUSE DRYSUlT will probably be the warmest suit you will ever wear in your life.
We found out that wearing the FUSE, your body saves so much extra heat for the extremities, that you will feel surprisingly warm in your hands, feet and head. No more deep-frozen fingers barely able to grab anything like a bar or boom and feeling nothing but pain

Also, compare the FUSE with a Nylon suit when you are actually swimming in freezing cold water for a while. The thick layer of 410mm Neoprene insulation always keeps the water in a save distance to your skin to reduce heat loss by convection. Now compare it to the thin layer of Nylon and you understand why you instandly feel the cold creeping into your body!

Is it really dry?
Yes, but you cannot expect the same as from a diving drysuit for example, even though it is a very similar construction. We use the same SEAMTITE bottleneck latex cuffs and all seams are glued blind-stitched and have additional 10 meters seam tape for water sealing. The double lined Supra Vex and D Fence Nylon jersey protects you against rips. In case of leakage, Neoprene still provides some thermal insulation and can be repaired easily. So providing you grease and close the zipper properly, the FUSE is dry, only when staying in water or a longer time for example a bit of moisture might soak through due to the permanent movement and capillar action especially on the ankle cuffs. This is nothing unusual and normally not a real problem on tho water. It can be improved if the Latex cuffs really are tight and by applying some Vasilinc or similar onto the skin area of the cuffs.

What do I wear under a drysuit?
Always wear functional first-layer underwear such as our new ION Quickdry _Underwear tops and pants made of quick drying antibacterial double-layer-Polyester. Even though you will always sweat it will keep your skin feel pretty dry and comfortable because the sweat gets drawn away from the skin surface.

Additional thermal fleece garment provides extra warmth if needed avoid naked skin or cotton underwear, because it only sucks up the sweat and makes your skin freeze.

Why is the FUSE Dtysuit a bit heavier than Nylon drysuits?
Yes, of course the FUSE is heavier than a Nylon suit - that's because it is completely made of highly insulating Neoprene, so do not compare apples with pears, It also includes useful pockets and a smart detachable hood But this new concept offers so much more warmth in comparison, which a conventional Nylon suit never can achieve.

Remember, the thin Nylon shell basically does not provide any heat retention - you always have to wear very thick thermo insulation underneath (plus a hood) to keep you warm at all. Add it all up and you find out. all the stuff is not much lighter and you are still freezing.

Also do not judge the weight only by holding it up with your arm! Before you judge, try it on and you'll find out, it does not teel heavy at all once you wear it - even on the water when it is wet!

Why should put grease on the dryzipper?
Even though the new TIZIP Master Seal dryzipper doesn't necessarily need it anymore, lubrication improves proper coupling of the chain when opening or closing the zipper and keeps it tight! It makes it slide much easier all the way to the end of the zipper-garage and prevents the zipper-chains from snapping apart.

So invest a few seconds before using the drysuit and take the little grease tube delivered with the drysuit (or any other acid free grease or oil) to lubricate the zipper property. Just think of other situations in life, where lubrication can be essential for success.

What can I do in case the zipper did come apart?
Well, normally this can only happen, when the zipper was not greased properly or abused in a way it shouldn't. Always use lubrication and do not apply too much force or pull it in a wrong direction! Always let someone help you closing and opening the zipper smoothly along the line, then you are fine! If it does snap apart though, do not freak out - usually the zipper can be fully fixed with moderate force as it is described on the TIZIP zipper manual or on their website www.tizip.com!

How do I use the Latex cuffs?
Our SEAMTITE bottleneck latex cuffs on the neck, wrists and feet ere highly elastic seals to prevent any water to leak in. They are very thin and sensitive, so treat them with care! When sliding through the cuffs, avoid sharp fingernails and excessive force First slide through the ankle cuffs, then second the wrists before sticking your head through the neck cuff, It works surprisingly easy when you pull open the neck cuff with both hands when sliding through. Do not push through with brute force, When storing the drysuit for longer time, please put some Talcum powder on all Latex cuffs for conservation to keep them smooth and elastic. In case of damaged Neoprene or ripped Latex cuff please always contact a professional surf-/sailing or divingshop specialized on Neoprene repair service. For replacement please contact www.specialisedlatex.co.uk and only use original premium quality SEAMTlTE Latex cuffs same as on the suit

Can I cut the Latex cuffs to adjust my neck size?
Yes, very simple! The Latex cuffs come in a pretty tight dimension to also fit slim people. To ensure perfect waterproofness and wearing comfort please customize the Latex cuff opening to the size especially on your neck. It must be fairly tight to be waterproof, but should not choke breathing or blood circulation. Note, cuffs are getting wider after a while and it feels much less choking once on the water than trying it at home.

First stretch apart all cuffs with both hands to make them softer before trying out the fitting, If they are still too tight simply fold the cuff flat and hold it without too much tension with both hands. A second person should use sharp scissors to trim the cuff along the small ribs.

Attention: try out the fit in small 5mm steps - otherwise it is too loose and water will leak inside!

How do I use the hood?
The body loses quite a bit of heat on your head - that'S why the FUSE has a smart hood, which you can wear on the beach and even while riding on the water! It also works very well in combination with an additional ION Neo Beanie or Neo Hood.

Simply put it over your head and pull the front elastic cord to seal your face. Then pull on the elastic drawcord on the back of your head to adjust the tension. It will keep the hood wrapped tightly around your head and keep your eyesight open while turning your head to left and right!

If you don't like wearing the hood, you can simply fold the top part into the hood and use it as a large wind shield stand-up collar on the back of your neck, There are several drain holes cut into the hood for water release after submerging. The FUSE 2012 got an improved hood which can be fully detatched by snapbuttons when not needed.

How do I care for the suit in general?
Please check general care instructions on the inside of the suit. After use, always turn inside out and rinse thoroughly with fresh water and a mild soap Then hang it on a wide hanger for complete drying. Once dry, you can turn it back on the right side out to let it dry too. This will avoid smelly odor from little botanical biotopes growing in your suit!

When storing the drysuit for longer time, please put some Talcum powder on ail Latex cuffs for conservation to keep them smooth and elastic. Store it in a dry place without sunlight hanging on a broad hanger. Never expose to sunlight to dry the suit - UV radiation will damage the Neoprene and Latex cuffs most severely!

What safety precautions are important?
Riding in icy conditions can easily lead to life-threatening situations! You ride at your own risk, so know what you are doing and never risk your life or others! Never ride alone, so that you can help each other quickly in case of emergency. Always let someone assist you when closing and opening the back zipper to make sure it is securely locked at the zipper end and definitely closed tightly. Never try to close or open the zipper by yourself! This could lead to a malfunction and a seriously dangerous situation later on the water if icy water floods into the suit in case the zipper accidentally snaps open.

You can release some trapped air inside the drysuit before riding Submerge your body in the water half way and open the neck cuff just slightly till it feels comfortable, not too tight and not too bloated, This also prevents potential of flipping over with your legs floating up over your body!

Release of liability
The ION FUSE DRYSUIT is specifically made to protect you riding in extremely cold weather conditions. Nevertheless: this does not eliminate the potential hazards of riding in icy temperatures. It still can be highly dangerous to your health and life if things go wrong! You ride at your own risk, so know what you are doing and never risk your life or others.

Bare in mind that there is always a possibility of getting a leak in the suit by accident, impact, malfunction or misuse Any rupture, broken seam / Latex cuffs or rippped open zipper might cause instant flooding of the suit with ice-cold water. The consequences can be extremely dangerous and might result in a life threatening situation of hypothermia and drowning.

So, always check the complete suit carefully for ruptures, damages and potential malfunctions before you go on the water. If there are any signs of damage or weaknesses, have it checked by a professional surf-/sailing or divingshop specialized on Neoprene and drysuit.


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