The ZEISS X ION collaboration has brought forth a new level of excellence in water sports vision. The result is an Inter_Pol lens for perfect wind detection developed by ZEISS. ZEISS lenses are made in Italy by the legendary experts at Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens; the company that pioneered high-performance optics back in 1846. Every ZEISS lens is formed in an individual diamond-polished mold for flawless clarity and subjected to a rigorous 24-step procedure that ensures the highest performance and quality possible.



The Zeiss Inter_Pol lens is developed for ION to ensure more fun on the water. The ION Inter_Pol lens is a development by Zeiss for wind-watersports. It enables you to spy the wind on the water surface by using a special lens color that harmonizes perfectly with the applied multi layer coating. This combination allows early wind detection and ensures more fun on the water.

RI-PEL treatment


_ highly functional super-hydrophobic coating on front and backside of the ION_ZEISS lenses
_ superior hydrophobic technology
_ durable and everlasting
_ dirt, oil, dust and water repellent
_ easy to clean & Scratch resistant
_ perfect for any weather conditions

8 base spherical decentred lens

This wrapping lens, excellent for strong curved frames, follows the face contour. Therefore it protects the eye from external interferences (wind, water, salts, etc).
This lens also offers a clear view on peripheral areas, as the distortion effect is highly reduced conpared to a classic spherical lens.

Optical properties 

The ZEISS sunlenses used in these sunglasses have been tested in order to achieve both advanced protection from the sun’s rays and optical perfection.
Through the exclusive ZEISS qualifcation procedure, our laboratory analyzes each model in order to ensure the lenses’ optical excellence, visible by the engraved Z on each lens.

UV filtering

Despite its ultra lightweight, the lens ensures a 100 % UV shield, preventing eye damages from sun rays.


Lightness guaranteed thanks to the thinness of the lens and material.


The hard coating’s efficiency contributes greatly in the quality of the mirror adhesion and therefore to its durability.


ZEISS sunlens developed one of the industry‘s toughest hard-coating strongest resins on the market. field trials and laboratory tests (like the “Eraser” test) proved its efficiency and durability.

Impact Resistance

Thanks to the use of top quality, shock resistant, injection molded polycarbonate, which provides a great impact resistance


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