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Gearbag Tec 2/4 Golf

Kite / Wake Boardbags ITEM NO. 48200-7014
Gearbag Tec 2/4 Golf / olive
ITEM NO. 48200-7014


Gearbag Tec 2/4 Golf / olive olive
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Line Concept



Space for min. 1 twintip board and 3 kites

Space for min. 1 twintip board and 3 kites



Bag_Breeze 2.0

Two TPU patches on the front and back of the bag, are combined with the mesh inserts at the front and tail to ensure great ventilation. The mesh inserts are completely EVA padded, perfect to protect your precious board.

Top loader

Top loader


Gone are the days of hauling your boardbag in an awkward fashion across airport floors. ION has developed the Connective_Handle as a simple solution for those tricky times. Using this accessory, you can connect the front handle of the Tec Boardbag to your trolley bag or airport trolly and calmly cruise to the check in counter.


The sherpa_belt makes travelling even easier: simply put the belt around your shoulders and have your hands free for all the other stuff you need to take care of while traveling.