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More than basic protection without being overprotected – that's the K-Traze. The very flexible and super thin SAS-TEC main padding (EN 1621-1, Level 1) guarantees more than just abrasion protection and handles light impacts easily. For more reliability the protection pad is directly attached to the fabric so everything stays in place when falling. Find your perfect fit with these pads adapting to your anatomy through robust and breathable Super_Perforator_Neoprene and Ionic_Fit. Thanks to the Snug_Loop the K-Traze stays exactly where it belongs. Fine_Mesh parts further enhance breathability to ensure a pleasant bike experience even with pads on.
Very flexible & super-thin SAS-TEC main padding (EN 1621-2, Level 1)
With the latest generation of SAS-TEC pads, a dream of our product developers turned reality: They are superlight, very, very flexible, super-thin and they are certified according to EN 1621-2, Level 1. Did we mention that it is also multi-impact compliant, withstands washing and is pretty much first choice whenever you need to pedal up to the start of your ride...
Snug_Loop (2019)
Very flexible and robust neoprene with superior breathability. Of course not if compared with a mesh fabric. But for neoprene it is the most breathable one we used to date.
The human body is neither cylindrical nor symmetrical. Thus, you have to forget about flat 2D patterns. We use our expertise in tailoring body-fitting wetsuits to shape anatomic fitting pads for a natural riding position.
A hidden routed velcro strap helps to adjust the pads above your knee.
Elastic and lightweight mesh fabric for optimal ventilation and additional freedom of movement.
Power_Aramid is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. Today it’s used for a range of applications from bulletproof helmets to tires to bow strings. It offers outstanding tear resistance and tensile strength.
Light Impact Protection (EN 1621-1, Level 1)
35% Neopren 25% Polyurethan 20% Polyethylen 15% Polyester 5% Nylon

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Quote Mike Hopkins

»Uphill or downhill – these pads are my constant companion!«

— Mike Hopkins