We at ION believe that limits are defined mostly by an individual’s skills and passion. Wind and weather are barriers that we can overcome.  Therefore, we provide you with the gear to find - and exceed - your own limits. We support all of you in fulfilling your dreams and your desires on the water, on the slopes and in the air. But when our planet is not healthy, we are confronted with other insuperable limits. We see it as our mission to counteract this development by helping to keep the sea and the air clean and our earth healthy.

Building Kites, Bars, Twintips, Surfboards and accessories will always have an environmental footprint. We strive to minimize this footprint whenever possible by developing new environmentally friendly packaging, by improving transport routes, by researching recyclable materials and greener manufacturing processes and by cooperate with organizations that fight global warming.We take these efforts very seriously because we are responsible for ensuring that also future generations can live the stoke of surfing elements.

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