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Care Instructions


Your wetsuit is more than just gear — it's your second skin in the water. Properly caring for your wetsuit can extend its lifespan, making it the most sustainable choice for neoprene products. It's not just about sustainability, though. It's also about ensuring your comfort, safety, and performance every time you hit the waves. From maintaining insulation to preserving durability against saltwater, UV rays, and general wear and tear, the importance of proper wetsuit care cannot be overstated.

ion water 2024 wetsuit guide getting out of the wetsuit on a drymat


Be careful when putting on and taking off your wetsuit. Excessive stretching and pulling can damage the seams. Avoid stepping on your wetsuit while taking it off, as this can cause holes and damage to the exterior linings.

ion water 2024 wetsuit guide getting out of the wetsuit on a dry mat

Step 2: After the session

Rinse your wetsuit with fresh water to remove sand, sweat, and salt. 
If necessary, use a mild detergent, but opt for a biodegradable option. Minimize detergent use to avoid washing out the plasticizers in the neoprene, which maintain its stretch. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out all detergent.

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Step 3: Drying

Allow your wetsuit to dry in the shade after each use. Avoid direct sunlight.

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Step 4: Storage

Fold your wetsuit and store it in a dry, shady place. Avoid hanging it on a hanger.

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Short and crisp

Step 1: Handle with care
Step 2: Rinse after use
Step 3: Avoid direct sunlight when drying
Step 4: Fold the Wetsuit to store

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