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SEEK AMP Urban-inspired flat pedal bike shoe
Super Sticky
Rubbercup Flat-
Pedal Outsole
Soul SL
Clean & Robust
Suede Main Fabric
Classic lace closure
Toe Reinforcement

The focus of these kicks are dirt jumping, creative riding and the ability to make anywhere your playground. It will take us from jump spots, to pump tracks and parking lots, to back alleys and loose trails, atop the interactions of one riding crew on a relentless pursuit.


Extra padding towards the cranks to protect the lower ankles.

Clean & Robust
Suede Main Fabric

Glued reinforcements on most exposed and stressed areas as well as a robust suede main fabrics care for a longer lifetime of your shoes, even when times are rough.

PIN TONIC Rubbercup
Flat Pedal Outsole

ION's Pin Tonic concept is based on the perfect mixture of grip, protection and style. The outsole profile features positive threads in the forefoot and heel area for perfect traction while pushing or carrying your bike. The negative profile, on the other hand, offers the perfect grip and space for the pins while riding. On top, the SUPTraction_Rubbercompund provides all the grip you need. As the grip is just one part of power transmission the very front toe area features a lower shape to get maximum contact on the pedal. To season off this well-balanced drink – well, shoe ION added protection features against rocks and roots in the toe area and contact with the cranks for your ankles. Show everyone you've got a taste with this technical yet stylish flat pedal shoe.