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Whether you're looking for, we make sure you can choose from many styles to cover your personal needs.

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Protection has always been one of ION's core values when it comes to developing water sports gear.

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3D Fit Technology

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360° Fit system


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ION is a brand run by passionate people, whose first love was watersports. Launched back in 2004, we initially focused on wetsuits & neoprene products for the international surf, kite and wakeboard scene. ION's unique combination of high-quality products wrapped in a progressive style and design found fans all over the world. Since then we are taking the same approach to Windsurfing and Wingfoiling.

In the end, we just love to shred. No matter what kind of board we ride. This mindset is reflected in our brand philosophy: ION is about challenging yourself, experiencing nature and feeling the force of the water. Therefore we develop gear that is not only smart and innovative but also transforms our passion into a unique design.

... and to be honest, we just create watersport stuff to spend our work time out there.