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Remote bike tours, dense single trails, steep drops - wherever you go with your bike, we have the right mountain bike jackets for men & women.

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ION MTB jackets

Our ION MTB jackets give you the best possible wind and weather protection on any terrain. ION mountain bike jackets for men and women are made in MTB-specific cuts and thus adapt to your body position when riding. They impress with breathable, windproof and water-repellent materials and are characterised by their comfortable, functional fit. For ION bike jackets, we use select sustainable materials such as PFC-free finishes or Primaloft Silver. It's important to choose the right MTB jacket according to your needs and to pay special attention to their features. Discover our "Shelter" MTB outerwear collection and find the right MTB clothing for you.

What are the different types of mountain bike jackets and what are their main features?
Basically, the most important features of an MTB jacket are that it regulates moisture, temperature and heat balance and of course protects against external influences such as rain and wind. Mountain bike jackets are made differently depending on the number of layers and consist of several membranes; they are categorised based on their properties and can be distinguished as follows:

MTB rain jackets
The MTB rain jacket is made of a thin, completely waterproof material and usually comes with a hood. It provides the best protection against rain, moisture and wind and, like hardshell jackets, offers a smaller pack size than softshell jackets.

MTB wind jackets
MTB wind jackets or windbreakers are mostly made of very lightweight and thin material (ripstop material), are completely windproof and usually water-repellent. Like rain jackets, this type of jacket is also considered an outer layer and is perfect for when adhering to the layering principle.

MTB softshell jackets
MTB softshell jackets are made of slightly thicker softshell material, are mostly water-repellent and only waterproof to a certain extent. However, ION Bike uses 4way_Stretch material, which is particularly lightweight, heat-insulating and breathable and also guarantees a 20,000mm water column and 20,000 g/m/24h breathability. Softshell jackets are best worn on colder, dry days when a windbreaker has reached its limits.

MTB hardshell jackets
This type of jacket consists of several layers and is considered to be particularly robust. Unlike softshell jackets, they permanently protect against rain. ION Bike relies on a robust, waterproof 3-layer laminate. Either fully equipped or in combination with Hybrid_Console. In the latter, 3-layer laminate and flexible, breathable softshell material are combined to provide better ventilation.

MTB winter jackets
This type of MTB jacket is always used when colder weather has set in and you need a jacket with good heat insulation. It protects your body from cooling down. ION Bike uses Primaloft Silver material for its winter jackets.

In short:
When the temperature drops slightly, we recommend wearing MTB softshell jackets and also packing an MTB windbreaker or rain jacket as an outer layer. If you have more space for gear, a waterproof and windproof MTB hardshell jacket can also be used.
What criteria should be considered when choosing a mountain bike jacket?

When buying a mountain bike jacket, we recommend paying attention to its ergonomic cut and corresponding range of motion. The back and sleeves should be cut a little longer so that no bare skin is visible once you've assumed a riding position. It's also important to ensure that the hood is sufficiently "roomy" so that an MTB helmet can be worn underneath if necessary. When choosing the size of a jacket, you should also consider whether protectors will be worn.

Of course, the fit is not the only deciding factor; the material is also important. What is especially important is the robustness and how the material feels on the skin. To ensure that a jacket is 100% waterproof, you should pay attention to waterproof zips and partially sealed seams. When choosing the size of a jacket, you should also consider whether protectors will be worn. Large, weatherproof vents are particularly important in order to guarantee ideal air circulation.

What does the term "water column" mean?
The "water column" value indicates how to determine the water permeability of an MTB jacket. Depending on the country, there are different recommendations on how waterproof a jacket should be. The value refers is applicable to material in new condition. With used and "worn out" membranes, this value decreases. When testing the water column, the outside of the material is exposed to water; the water pressure starts at zero and the water column increases by 100mm or 600mm per minute, depending on the standard. The pressure and the time it takes for three drops of water to permeate through the membrane is then given in "millimetres water column". For clothing, the European standard DIN EN 343:2010-05 (protective clothing against rain) is adhered to. This takes into account several factors such as the water column and the resistance to water penetration (RET value).
In general, we still recommend waterproofing your MTB jacket regularly. This link takes you directly to our care instructions.

Short and sweet info about our MTB jacket materials:

· Ripstop material: tear-resistant fabric > perfect balance between weight and stability

· Repellen_SI > water-repellent finish that lets rain and dirty water roll off the material

· 4way_Stretch material > 20.00mm water column and 20,000 g/m/ 24h breathability

· PrimaLoft Silver insulation > made from 70% recycled polyester and offers excellent thermal performance, waterproof and windproof properties, compactness and breathability.

· 3L Hybrid_Console > combination of flexible softshell material & 3-layer laminate