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MTB Jerseys

Remote bike tours, dense single trails, steep drops - wherever you go with your bike, we have the right mountain bike longsleeve jerseys for men & women.

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MTB jerseys - your functional cycling jersey for tours and trails

With mountain bike jerseys, smart and breathable materials are used to ensure not only sufficient ventilation but also maximum freedom of movement during your MTB session. Most MTB jerseys also have sophisticated extras such as strategically placed "mesh inserts" for cooling ventilation, cleverly built-in cleaning cloths for glasses or pockets for your lift pass. No matter what style you like and what terrain you're on, ION Bike offers a variety of technical MTB cycling jerseys in different looks. Take a look for yourself and find the right MTB jersey in our stylefinder guide.

In short:
No matter what direction your bike style goes, ION Bike offers a comprehensive range of all the right products depending on the area of use, size and fit. Our collection is aimed at our demanding next generation, as well as at men and women who want to be well equipped with premium products so they can embark worry-free on their next mountain bike adventure.

What are the areas of use MTB jerseys cater to?
MTB jerseys are used in the following areas:
All-Mountain Enduro/Enduro-Downhill or Downhill-Freeride - in our MTB jersey product range you will definitely find the right MTB jersey for you.

•ION Traze Line: Allmountain/Enduro; very lightweight and breathable
Riding style description: you can be found on single trails and are basically an all-mountain or e-biker
•ION Scrub Line: Enduro/Downhill; very lightweight and robust
Riding style description: you can be found on remote trails and at bike parks
•ION Seek Line: Downhill/Freeride; surf-inspired & versatile
Riding style description: you can be found on pump tracks or loose bike parks and you practice different creative jumps

Products within the respective lines come in different levels such as:
•Select; The cream of the crop combines high-quality materials and ultimate performance
•Amp; Choose this line if you want to combine style & comfort as well as functionality & protection
•Core; The right choice if your focus is on functionality and a good price/performance ratio.

What are the characteristics of MTB shirts and what are the different types?
MTB jerseys come in different cuts and, thanks to their functional, flexible and breathable material, ensure maximum freedom of movement and balanced moisture management. Especially for demanding freeride or enduro rides, the cut is crucial for ensuring there's enough room for all essential protective gear. However, there are also slightly slimmer fits, depending on the area of use you need them for.

There are different sleeve lengths, which one is right for me?
Adjust the selection of your MTB jersey and its sleeve length to your needs and, above all, to the season. You can find MTB jerseys in these different designs:

Short-sleeved MTB jerseys: The short-sleeve usually has a slightly slimmer cut and therefore offers hardly any air resistance.
¾-length or long-sleeved MTB jerseys: The long-sleeved shirt has a relaxed cut and is extremely comfortable; it also offers plenty of room for protectors, especially for use in the freeride and downhill sector. This is the best version for optimal protection and for cooler weather.
Sleeveless MTB jerseys: Popular version for warm weather that provides maximum ventilation and dynamics

Which materials are used for the manufacture of MTB jerseys?
During production, it is essential to ensure that MTB jerseys are appropriately breathable and guarantee optimal moisture regulation. Air circulation and moisture wicking are paramount, which means that functional and breathable materials are essential.