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Remote bike tours, dense single trails, steep drops - wherever you go with your bike, we have the right mountain bike pants for men & women.

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Long and short mountain bike trousers

Discover our long and short ION Bike mountain bike trousers for children, women and men, which are characterised by their functionality, flexibility and comfort. No matter what the weather, our ION Bike MTB trousers always offer the right protection. If you can't decide whether to go with long or short, then consider that with long MTB trousers you will without a doubt enjoy the benefits of warm calves, clean socks and, above all, keep in mind that your protectors will be spared all that mud. As with MTB jackets, there are softshell and hardshell variants, each with special finishes to keep them waterproof in wind and rain. Basically, our ION MTB trousers are designed so that all seams are triple-stitched to withstand damage in areas subject to heavy wear.

In short:
With ION Bike MTB trousers you'll be well equipped because they feature high-quality materials as well as functionality and protection.
Additional features such as built-in "velcro adjustments" or "spare rib" inserts ensure extra comfort and additional flexibility. This is only a small part of the USPs of ION Bikewear products.

Why mountain bike trousers and what are their benefits?
MTB trousers are the perfect buffer between the biker and the bike. They are specially designed for extreme off-road use, making them very robust and offering optimal protection against abrasion. Maximum comfort through the use of elastic materials and functionality thanks to high freedom of movement are the top priority. Thanks to integrated "mesh panels" they are breathable and thus guarantee optimal air circulation. They are also wind- and water-repellent.

Which mountain bike trousers are recommended for what?
There are many different models of mountain bike trousers. They come in either short or long versions. There are tight shorts and wide-leg shorts. MTB protective shorts or MTB underpants or even MTB technical underwear worn underneath. Depending on your needs, there are a number of options:

Tight-fitting mountain bike shorts:
These MTB shorts are reminiscent of boxer shorts. Equipped with a high-performance seat pad, they guarantee more comfort when riding. Shorts equipped with suspenders are known as "bib shorts". Bib shorts are often used for long distances because they feature a great fit and feel like a second skin. Additional securely sewn-in padding protects against pressure points and muscle soreness from your seat.

Protection shorts:
Protection shorts offer additional protection during freeride action. They have robust, shock-absorbing pads along the hip and tailbone.

Downhill/freeride trousers:
Give you an incredible amount of freedom of movement and generally feature a comfortable, pleasant cut so you're not restricted in your freeride action.

Baggy/saggy trousers:
Slightly wider cut trousers, characterised by their freedom of movement and breathable material. When choosing baggy trousers, we recommend wearing additional underwear, as they usually have no padding.
Once you have decided on a style, the next step is to orientate yourself on your "riding style".

Here is a brief overview of our lines:
ION Traze Line: Allmountain/Enduro; very lightweight and breathable
Riding style description: you can be found on single trails and are basically an all-mountain or e-biker

ION Scrub Line: Enduro/Downhill; very lightweight and robust
Riding style description: you can be found on remote trails and at bike parks

ION Seek Line: Downhill/Freeride; surf-inspired & versatile
Riding style description: you can be found on pump tracks or at bike parks and you practice different creative jumps

Products within the respective lines come in different levels such as:
•Select: The cream of the crop combines high-quality materials and ultimate performance
•Amp: Choose this line if you want to combine style & comfort as well as functionality & protection
•Core: The right choice if your focus is on functionality and you want a good price/performance ratio.

How should MTB pants be cared for?
Essentially, MTB pants should be treated in the same way as normal sportswear. Remember: once pads are present - as is the case with protection shorts - they require special treatment. Specific washing instructions are attached to most products.