Women Wetsuit Amaze Select 5/4 Back Zip

Premium materials for superior warmth and epic stretch

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773 deep-sea

Amaze Select 5/4 Back Zip - 773 deep-sea
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The Amaze Select 6/5 Back Zip combines high-tech materials for ultimate warmth and stretch. ION's premium wetsuit line features Graphene Lining - an incredible heat conductor that makes sure you stay warm on the water. Only high-quality materials were used to make the Seek Select the most progressive wetsuit without compromises. A minimalistic panel design allows for limitless freedom of movement while sealed seams prolong the lifetime. Made to explore the toughest conditions, ION added Graphene_Plush throughout the torso and legs. Hot_Stuff 2.0 lining provides additional warmth at the arms and shoulders. To increase flexibility and comfort in this crucial area, ION uses a new rhombus-shaped outside lining that stretches easily, thanks to its unique structure. Amaze Select Backzip models feature additional protection pads at the shins.
6°C - 11°C 43°F - 52°F

Graphene, known for its lightness, strength, and heat conductivity, has been seamlessly integrated into ION's latest inner lining. With the highest concentration in any wetsuit on the market, Graphene_Plush offers up to 20% more warmth than ION's Plasma_Plush 2.0. Plus, it ensures rapid drying for ultimate comfort.


Max_Flex represents the pinnacle of stretch in our outer linings. In addition to its outstanding flexibility, it doesn't absorb water; instead, it disperses it through tiny channels. This enhances water evaporation and shortens drying time.

Hot_Stuff 2.0

Hot_Stuff 2.0 thermo lining boasts a luxuriously plush feel thanks to its larger loops that effectively trap more air, providing superior heat insulation. Among ION's lineup, it stands out as the most flexible thermo lining available.


Ultra slim outside sealing technology for a long lasting life span providing freedom of movement and comfort wrapped in a smart package. The Power_Seams adding a special touch and unique look to all ION Select models.


Seam-free shoulder design for maximum paddle reach and freedom of movement.


All stress points are reinforced and securely sealed from the inside using Melco tape.

Embossed sleeve and leg ends for a sleeker and more durable finish.
Reduced material through embossing

Less material through embossings at the elbows and back of the knees for more freedom of movement.

Less material at the crook of the arm increases the freedom of movement when bending the arm.

An internal neoprene panel seals off the back zipper, acting as a barrier to minimize the amount of water rushing into the wetsuit.


Velcro patch to offer the option of attaching the Leg_loops. The loops can be wrapped tightly around the ankle to prevent water from rushing into the suit.


A small webbing loop on the neck of wetsuits and tops to attach the safety line of watersport sunglasses.


Low density I_Foam with peak heat insulation properties containg a mix of limestone and oyster shell powder.

80% Neopren 20% Nylon
  • Aqua Alpha
  • Limestone Neoprene
  • Oystershell Powder
  • Eco-Carbon Black
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Premium warmth
Premium warmth
Optimum Stretch
Optimum Stretch
Seam Sealing
Seam Sealing
ION Products Amaze Select Back Zip 5/4 2022

Ion's next-level materials are extra flexible, incredibly comfortable, and dry super fast. All in all, I'm super impressed, and after a few years break from wearing Ion suits and stubborn avoidance of back zips and 5/4s - yes, even to the point of riding cold rather than riding stiff - the new Ion Amaze Select has swayed my opinion. I think it's about time I add one of these to my kit!

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Fall Fighter
The Kite Mag

It’s great to see so much tech piled into a back zip suit, as let’s face it sometimes a front zip doesn’t fit all body types, and they can prove tricky to get in and out of. In one of the more detailed builds we’ve seen in a back zip suit for some time, ION have produced a very warm, solid suit with a fantastic amount of stretch, giving you more mobility and water time in the darker months. The impressive level of stretch also augments well to the variable female form, and is going to suit a massive range of body shapes.

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Quote Catharina Edin

»The Amaze Select 5/4 wetsuit is not only warm and comfortable, the stretch this wetsuit has is amazing, especially around the shoulders. This is exactly what you want for a quick change before or after a cold session.«

— Catharina Edin

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