ION Water Harnesses

Kiteboarding Harnesses

A wide range of waist and seat harnesses in hardshell or softshell variants. This allows everyone to find the harness which meets the individual requirements best. Curv harnesses prioritize the rider's health by featuring the new 3D Fit Technology.



Why should I choose an ION kite harness?
ION Kite Harnesses are the most innovative harnesses on the market. ION harnesses are technically advanced and feature a smart and progressive design. Thanks to 3D Fit Technology, ION's hardshell harnesses reduce your risk of injury. At the same time, they increase your performance and overall extend your time on the water.

Men & women can choose from a variety of kite harnesses. For waist harnesses, men can choose between the ION Apex, the ION Riot and the extra hard ION Riot Team Series. Women can choose between the soft ION Nova and the harder ION SOL Curv.

A perfectly fitting harness is essential. To find the perfect ION harness for you, ION offers a free measurement set that is sent conveniently to your home! So you can easily find the ideal harness size for you.

All ION team riders use hardshell waist harnesses. Our ION harnesses support our athletes to win more titles and break existing records!

How does a kite harness support you while kiteboarding ?
The harness distributes the forces of the kite evenly over your body. Harnesses are used for every discipline of kiting. They are used for kitesurfing, kiteboarding and kitefoiling.

Kiteboarding is not possible without a harness. Thanks to a harness, you can hook onto your kite. When kiteboarding, you hook into the chicken loop of your bar.

A perfectly fitting harness is essential. A perfectly fitting harness is the only way to ensure long-term back health. Plus, a good harness will help maximize your performance on the water.

Which kite waist harness fits me ?
Waist harnesses are offered in different variants. Soft shells, so-called softshell harnesses, are soft and adapt to your anatomy. The forces of the kite are transferred directly to your back. Models from ION like the ION Apex are very popular with kiters all over the world.

Hard shell harnesses are the alternative to soft shell harnesses. Hard shell harnesses such as the ION SOL Curv for women are superior to soft shell harnesses, provided they fit perfectly.

The ION Sonar harness is a further development of the ION Radar and this was tailored specifically to the needs of racing and foiling. Both harness models have an integrated "Curv Plate" which brings more comfort and a improved load distribution. They are equipped with ergonomic leg straps, which allow good freedom of movement and avoid pressure points. 

How should a kite waist harness fit?
A harness must fit perfectly. Hard shell harnesses like the ION Riot Curv and the ION Sol Curv are superior to soft shell harnesses, as long as they fit perfectly.

A comparison here is between a couch and a sports car seat. The couch is likely to fit everyone. However, it is not anatomically individualized and the ideal choice for your back. The race car seat is comfortable and performs well. However, that's only the case if it fits you perfectly. If it doesn't fit, the seat will immediately pinch.  A perfect fit is characterized by a balanced hip circumference, back length and spinal curvature. Provided you find the perfect fit, you'll enjoy many benefits thanks to the hard shell: Responsive riding, increased back health, increased performance and more freedom of movement.

The advantages of soft-shell harnesses are that the soft shell increases comfort. The softer material eliminates pressure points, even if the harness is not adjusted to your individualized fit. Furthermore, some kiters prefer the comparatively higher profile in the back area.

In all cases, it is important that harnesses are always tried on with the spreaderbar closed. The waist harness should not ride up to the chest too easily. At the same time, you should not have any pressure points or other serious restrictions. We always recommend trying on the harness in the store of your choice and to get advice from the staff on site if you are unsure.

What kite harness size do I need?
The size of your perfectly fitting harness depends on your individual anatomy.

To find your size, first measure your waist circumference. For hard shell harnesses your back length is also important. In addition, you can choose the thickness of the replaceable Ergo_Pad depending on your spinal curvature. To find your perfect size, we offer a special Size Guide. In addition, we offer you the possibility to order a free measurement set to determine your right size at home!