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Wingfoil Harnesses

Winging - the new cool kid on the block! Its boundaries get redefined almost daily. Innovation is not only happening in athletic performance. Following this momentum since the beginning, ION continuously drives product development of the Wingfoil range.


ION brings you a comprehensive selection of wing foil harnesses designed to meet the diverse needs of wing foilers. Our collection features both hard shell and softshell harnesses, ensuring the perfect fit and performance for every rider. Crafted with a focus on superior comfort, stability, and control, ION harnesses enable riders to unleash their full potential on the water. 

Why Choose a Wing Foil Harness? 

Enhanced Control and Stability: With an ION wing foil harness, you'll experience a solid connection to your wing, maintaining better control and stability while riding. 

Reduced Fatigue: Minimize strain on your upper body and arms as our harness effectively transfers the pulling force from the wing to your core. This reduces fatigue and extends your sessions, letting you explore the water for longer periods without compromising comfort or performance. 

Increased Performance: ION harnesses allow you to leverage your entire body, generating more power and control during maneuvers, jumps, and turns. With improved stability, you can elevate your wing foiling skills to new heights, mastering even the most challenging conditions. 

Types of Wing Foil Harnesses 

Hard Shell Harnesses

ION's hard shell wing foil harnesses are renowned for their superior support and stability. Featuring a rigid backplate, they provide excellent spinal support and prevent the harness from riding up during intense maneuvers. The rigid structure also distributes forces across a larger area, minimizing pressure points and ensuring optimal load distribution. Hard shell harnesses are the ideal choice for advanced wing foilers seeking maximum control and performance. 

Softshell Harnesses

For a more flexible and comfortable option, look no further than ION's softshell wing foil harnesses. Perfect for riders seeking freedom of movement without compromising support, these harnesses utilize a combination of supportive materials and ergonomic designs for a snug fit and excellent load distribution. Softshell harnesses excel in adaptability, making them suitable for both beginners and intermediate wing foilers. They offer excellent mobility and are well-suited for longer sessions or riders who prefer a more relaxed riding style.