Carbon Series

Perfect Combination of Support & Freedom of Movement

Perfect Combination of Support & Freedom of Movement


Based on the 2018 Team Series, a new and unique composite construction combines stiff and flexible materials in a new shape concept providing the perfect combination of support and freedom of movement. ION has taken a lesson from the lightweight construction of aeroplanes. We are no longer using a single shell running across the entire harness body. For the first time, a flexible hardshell supports the center back of the rider, providing perfectly stiff fit and 100% back support. It guarantees a perfect load distribution due to the new Monocoque_carbon-blade_Technology. Its flexible foamy sideparts and a concarve High_Performance_Preshape give maximum comfort around the waist due to the hyper foam cushion and therefore providing an individual anatomic fitting. The Monocoque_Carbon_Technology is adapted to the needs of every individual discipline and is available in 5 different models.

Monocoque Carbon-Blade technology

The harnesses are built out of a 3D composite panel construction with two individually formed layers. The base layer is a shell made out of flexible PVC. A pre-shaped carbon layer (“pre-prag”) is fixed onto this flexible shell. Depending on the size and the shape of the composite plate, the harness gets a stiff and specific back support. Both layers are then molded together under high pressure and high temperatures.

Through this process originates a monocoque shell that is stiff in the center back part and flexible at the sides.


Individual anatomic fitting (Hyper foam cushion)

The new hyper_foam provides extreme comfort as it adapts to the needs of every individual rider: it reacts quickly to punctual local pressure and compensates it. Once the pressure reduces, the foam quickly goes back to its initial shape. 


Less water absorption

The new hyper_foam absorbs no water and the high carbon content keeps the harness lightweight even when wet.



The high carbon content, reduced materials and the new no-water absorbing hyper_foam provide an overall lighter weight even when wet.



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