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MTB backpacks: your companion for day & multi-day tours

Special mountain bike backpacks are the ideal companions for transporting equipment on day trips or multi-day trips. Compared to normal backpacks, they differ in their fit and can be firmly attached using a chest and hip belt. They are available in different sizes and capacities. Additional functions such as integrated hydration packs and protectors expand their list of features. 

Why should I buy a special MTB backpack?

A high-quality MTB backpack is a must simply because of its special fit and construction. It not only ensures optimal load distribution, but also guarantees a fixed position on the body with additional hip and chest straps, which can of course also be individually adjusted. ION Bike shines in this sector with the "V-String carrying system" which automatically adapts to your body shape. If you are looking for high-quality MTB backpacks that not only offer enough space, but maybe even an integrated "multi-impact" compliant EPP (expandable polypropylene*) back protector, then ION Bike and its range of mountain bike backpacks are just the thing for you. Other features within our backpack portfolio include glasses compartments, hydration packs, and numerous storage compartments such as for eMTB batteries or iPads.

* polypropylene = very lightweight closed cell foam

Why are there so many different MTB backpacks and sizes?

The size of an MTB backpack depends on the volume of storage space. There are small, minimalist models between 1-3L that are used purely as hydration packs, but there are also models that allow you to stow up to 14L of equipment for multi-day tours. If you are looking for an MTB backpack that can be used for daily use, one with a volume of 8-10L should be enough. You can also be the type of mountain bike rider who would like to do without the feeling of a backpack completely; in this case, you should keep your eyes open for our Hipbag Traze Plus - a hip bag version with built-in hydration pack and drinking tube, so you can also have a drink during your ride, thus ensuring you stay hydrated.

What should I look out for when buying an MTB cycling backpack?

In order to find the right companion for your tours, we recommend thinking more carefully about your respective preferences and areas of use. Will you be on the road for several days and in which areas are you likely to stay? Do you need an additional back protector and, above all, how much equipment do you want to transport? All of this is reflected in the workmanship and size of a backpack. Also check whether it is possible to combine a touring backpack with an MTB helmet. If you would like to get to know our ION bike backpack range and find the right model, then visit our helpful backpack guide.

MTB cycling backpacks - from hip bags to touring backpacks with built-in back protection

No matter what area of use your backpack will be used in the future - whether it will be your daily companion to the office or you will only take it on weekend trips - an MTB backpack should always have the right fit and functionality and be adapted to your needs. ION Bike offers a variety of functional and sophisticated backpack solutions.