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The focus of the Seek line is surf-inspired, creative riding and the ability to make anywhere your playground. It represents the core of the sport where functional materials do not take room from the casual look and feel. With Seek we represent how riding can bring people together, on and off the bike.  


High-tech materials for ultimate fit combined with unlimited performance. The Select level speaks to those riders with the highest demands not only on themselves but also on their equipment. Our top-notch is ready for you!

Your Go-to choice without missing out on anything. The Amp level is fueled with style and combines the most important features in terms of comfort, functionality and protection.

Reliable & functional mountainbike gear for riders who want to progress without breaking the bank.

ION Bike Stylefinder Seek Freeride Seek Amp Men
ION Bike Stylefinder Seek Bikeshorts Seek Amp Men Back Black

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Functional materials while keeping it casual – that's the embodiment of Seek. Ready to tick off those tricks & destinations on your bucket list. With the Seek line, you are also dressed up for the bar after a day of riding.

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Discover our other riding styles

Discover our other riding styles

Enduro / Freeride
Highly Durable & Gravity oriented
Allmountain / Enduro
Lightweight & performance oriented
Functional gear for bad weather days