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MTB underwear

MTB underwear is made from a very lightweight, air-permeable and therefore breathable material and, as a "second skin layer", ensures a natural and optimal temperature balance. Moisture is wicked away from the skin or out of the material and can thus evaporate on the material's surface. When it comes to technical underwear, we generally recommend paying attention to the cut; it should have flat seams in addition to a body-hugging fit. All mountain bike fans who put their heart and soul into their favourite activity and spend a lot of time on their bike appreciate technical underwear.

In short:
Anyone who likes to spend a lot of time on their mountain bike can no longer imagine life without and certainly appreciates high-quality, technical, breathable and moisture-regulating materials. Super comfortable additional padding built into MTB underwear ensures extra comfort when riding. 

What extraordinary benefits can be enjoyed by wearing cycling underwear?
Thanks to the use of high-quality and elastic materials, which are also extra lightweight, you will without a doubt feel more comfortable compared to wearing normal underwear. By opting for underwear with flat seams or even "seamless" designs you prevent chafing of the skin and unpleasant pressure points. Cycling underwear is tight-fitting, making it possible to wear it under MTB jerseys, MTB shorts and trousers. It also protects against cold and wind as an additional layer.

MTB cycling underpants are available with or without padding, which should I choose?
Padded cycling underwear offers increased comfort and prevents pressure points, especially on long rides. It is ideal for wearing underneath other MTB shorts or MTB trousers.
If you ever ride your bike to work and want to make your MTB underwear "suitable for the office", then keep your eyes open for models where you can easily remove the pads and turn them into "normal" underwear in no time at all. The padding is available in different versions such as foam or gel pads.

Are there any special recommendations for properly caring for my MTB underwear?
Cycling underwear is usually particularly easy to clean and keep sanitary thanks to its easy-care properties. In general, it is possible to wash garments in the washing machine. Special care instructions, especially with regard to the possible temperature of the washing process, can always be found on the product label. You are also welcome to visit our care instructions.