ION Bike MTB Gloves Men SS23 Fall Winter

MTB gloves are an absolute must for mountain bikers and are considered basic equipment. This not only offers protection in the event of a fall and unpleasant contact with bushes and shrubs, it also prevents blisters from forming and also ensures maximum grip and control on the handlebars.

MTB gloves - the accessory for more safety and control when mountain biking
High-quality MTB gloves are perhaps only a small part of your protective gear, but should not be overlooked under any circumstances when mountain biking. They perform several important tasks. One important aspect is that MTB gloves protect against injuries on MTB tours and off the beaten track, where contact with branches, thorns and bushes can occur. Another feature of MTB gloves is they offer maximum grip on the handlebars; this gives you a secure hold and allows you to react quicker when faced with unforeseen obstacles.

What materials are used in MTB gloves?
There are different designs of MTB gloves; in general, the palms are sturdy and the back of the hand is designed for good ventilation. In any case, when it comes to MTB gloves different high-quality materials also ensure sufficient breathability and protection. The necessary protective and supportive functions are courtesy of particularly durable and hard-wearing inserts. These materials are primarily found on the inside of the gloves.

The right MTB glove at what temperature?
If you go biking in warmer weather, you should choose an MTB glove that is breathable and moisture-regulating and also wicks sweat away to the surface. "Mesh inserts" usually do all the work here.
In winter or on tours in high mountains, you should look out for wind- and water-repellent properties and buy insulated models so you won't have to worry about frozen fingers.

MTB gloves and their sophisticated features:
Ergonomic MTB cycling gloves with inner padding made of foam reduce the intensity of shocks and vibrations and thus enable longer, fatigue-free and relaxed biking. For mountain bikers who would like to use their smartphone as a GPS device or camera on their MTB tours, ION Bike has special panels in the fingertips that make it possible to use the touchscreen without having to take off your gloves.
Other features include silicone prints on the palms, which ensure a secure grip on the handlebars and precise control of the brake levers.

How should a glove fit? And which MTB glove size is best for me?
It is extremely important that an MTB glove fits properly. Mountain bike gloves should fit snugly and not slip, but the same time should not restrict movement. Because if the glove is too large and creases as a result, pressure points may occur or blisters develop. Find out how to find the right size for you with our MTB Glove Guide.

The ION bike MTB glove universe features products that are available in different levels depending on the area of use and riding style. These differ depending on the price, their features and also the material.

  • Select: high-end gloves made from high-quality materials and features

  • Amp: maximum performance at a fair price

  • Core: the minimalist entry level

The Traze line is used in all-mountain/ enduro; the main features are lightness and breathability. Additional padding on the ball of the hand ensures optimum comfort. Available with long or short fingers.

One of our most versatile lines is the Scrub line, which is used in enduro/downhill. It is characterised by a thin, yet non-slip palm that is seamless and thus offers maximum control, optimal grip on the handlebars and extraordinary comfort.

If you are looking for a MTB glove model that can withstand bad weather, then we recommend the Haze Amp model, from the Shelter line. It protects against cold and weather and includes an integrated rain cover.