Making the best product matters for saving the planet

Our criteria for the best product rests on style, function, repairability, and durability. Among the most direct ways we can limit ecological impacts is with goods that last for generations or can be recycled. 

Sometimes balancing the qualities of performance, durability and sustainability is one of the most difficult aspects. We strive to use as many sustainable materials as possible, but we trust our lives to this equipment, so we must value performance foremost.

No decision is taken lightly. When considering a material we evaluate its efficiency, functional qualities, chemical composition and the amount we’ll need before making a choice. To help us make a decision, we use the list of preferred materials and technologies below.

Core Boardbags

Don't turn lineups into landfills

Materials & Technology

Making the best products matters for saving the planet

Durable Goods & Guarantee

Products you can rely on
Packaging and Transport

Reducing Distances and unneccessary Waste

It does not always have to be the materials that make a product sustainable. The packaging and shipping of a product can contribute a big deal to how environmentally friendly a product actually is.

We at ION have always tried to reduce the packaging size to a minimum to produce as little waste as possible. Most of our wetsuits are not individually packed for the delivery from the supplier to our warehouse and to the dealers, but are delivered in boxes of 5 wetsuits. This for example saves more than 10 tons of cardboard waste every year. On the other hand, shipping is another important component. We try to completely avoid product transports via air freight, because this is the most energy-intensive way to deliver. We rather ship our products with sea freight whenever possible, even if we have to accept that our products are available a little later. In addition, we always want to fully load our containers on the ship in order to not waste any free space and resources.

Production Facilites

Developing new techniques to produce better

We believe the best things are done together, as a team. We work closely with our partners at all stages of our production chain. We’ve built up relationships that have spanned decades and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Trust and respect don’t just benefit us and our suppliers; they mean we can create the best products for you. The R&D team is constantly developing new techniques to produce more environmentally friendly products keeping the same quality standards.