Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

Winter is here. It's cold, it's wet, it's nasty. Just as we like it. 

There's only positives about this time of the year. The waves get higher, the winds get stronger and the crowds get less. Whatever the elements throw at you, you stay out there. We're here to enable you. 

The right equipment is the variable you can control for. ION Winter Essentials are your secret weapon for this special season. Stay out longer when others have to get in. Grip the rail when others can't feel their fingers. Embrace the winds when your mates seek shelter from it. 

Discover the whole range now and cherish the cold conditions. 


Hooded & Winter Wetsuits

Cold means nothing - Stay out longer

Our winter wetsuit range combines high-tech materials for ultimate warmth and stretch. Only high-quality materials were used to make these suits. The Select and AMP level wetsuits are the most progressive wetsuits without compromises. 

Made to explore the toughest conditions, ION added Graphene_Plush to the Select level and Plasma Plush to the AMP level as the inner linings. 

You'll be invincible out there. 

Seek Select 6/5 Hood Front Zip - 773 deep-sea

Seek Select 6/5 Hood Front Zip

Premium materials for superior warmth and epic stretch

Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood Front Zip - 991 capsule-pink

Amaze Amp 6/5 Hood Front Zip

The perfect composition of strech and warmth

Amaze Select 6/5 Back Zip - 773 deep-sea

Amaze Select 6/5 Back Zip

Premium materials for superior warmth and epic stretch


»You cannot judge a wetsuit's warmth from the outside. What makes the difference is invisible - it is the inside lining. «

— Kerstin Geier - Product Development Neoprene


Why the inside lining makes all the difference

Insights from the ION wetsuit development


Neo Jackets & Hoodies

Your jocker when things get chilly

ION waterwear comes in various shapes as jackets or hoodies. Whether you're looking for extra warmth or protection against the windchill, we make sure you can choose from many styles to cover your personal needs.

For her

Neo Hoody Lite women - 991 capsule-pink

Neo Hoody Lite women

Light wind-protection with ergonomic hood

For him

Neo Hoody - black/steel blue

Neo Hoody

Relaxed fit with ergonomic hood & harness hole opening

Neo Cruise Jacket men - 664 petrol

Neo Cruise Jacket men

Wind-resistant with harness hole opening

Neo Shelter Jacket Amp men - 664 petrol

Neo Shelter Jacket Amp men

Insulated & wind-resistant with ergonomic hood


Storm Coat

Bring it on! Ready to face the harshest Storms

The Storm Coat is your mobile changing robe and comfortable coat in one. It shelters you against rain and storm while providing good breathability. Taped seams and a durable zipper make the coat sturdy enough for rough conditions. The easy-grip zipper makes getting in and out easy, even with cold hands. On the inside, a fluffy teddy fleece increases comfort to the max and cares for extra warmth in between sessions.




Teddy Fleece


Taped Seams


Easy Grip Zipper Pull

ION Water Athlete Paula Novotna Profile Pic

» The best coat you can have on the beach. Safes the day, safes the session, saves your smile! This piece makes you incredibly warm, there is nothing like cold wind or heavy rain. The perfect piece to have for cold destinations. My favorite one! :) «

— Paula Novotna

Neo Beanies & Hoods

Cold is a mind game

Get extra warmth and light protection against the wind. It's the little things that can decide if your session turns out great. Upgrade your wetsuit to a winter-ready piece of equipment by wearing a neoprene hood. Hoods prevent cold water flush, keep your head dry and serve as light protection. Neoprene beanies can be attached to your wetsuit, don't worry you won't lose it. They are a stylish solution to keep your head warm.

Neo Bommel Beanie - dark Blue
3 Colors

Neo Bommel Beanie


Neo Bommel Beanie - dark Blue
Neo Bommel Beanie - black
Neo Bommel Beanie - red
Neo Hood 2/1 - black

Neo Hood 2/1

Insulation for colder days

Bandit Gaiter - grey melange

Bandit Gaiter

Neoprene neck gaiter

Neo Hood 3/2 - black

Neo Hood 3/2

Insulation with thermo-lining

Neo Logo Beanie - 664 petrol
3 Colors

Neo Logo Beanie


Neo Logo Beanie - 900 black
Neo Logo Beanie - 664 petrol
Neo Logo Beanie - 292 steel-grey
Safety Beanie - lime

Safety Beanie

Wind-proof, signal color for extra safety

Neo Grace Beanie - 900 black
2 Colors

Neo Grace Beanie


Neo Grace Beanie - 900 black
Neo Grace Beanie - 711 crystal-blue
Neo Top Hooded Vest 2/1 - black

Neo Top Hooded Vest 2/1

Insulation for head & upper body

Neo Top Hooded Vest 3/2 - black

Neo Top Hooded Vest 3/2

Insulation for head & upper body with thermo-lining

ION Water_Wetsuit Insights

»Windsurfing, Kitesurfing or Surfing in 5 degrees outside temperature? No worries at all!«

— Michi Schuster, Product Manager ION Neoprene
ION Water_Wetsuit Insights_Cold Water Neoprene



Insights from the ION wetsuit development


Neoprene Gloves


A proper pair of neoprene gloves makes all the difference. Warmth is priority number one. Despite layers of neoprene, you'll still have maximum grip and feeling. This is thanks to the clever mix of warm inside linings, water repellent seams and wind protecting outer linings. ION neoprene gloves  come in many variants. Choose between mittens, single finger gloves, the pre-bend Claw Gloves and more hybrid versions. Surfing, Kiting, Winging or Windsurfing - the ION neoprene glove range caters to all requirements. 

Neo Gloves 4/2 - black

Neo Gloves 4/2

Maximum grip & ultimate warmth

Neo Gloves 2/1 - black

Neo Gloves 2/1

Maximum grip & ultimate warmth

Lobster Mitten 4/3 - 900 black

Lobster Mitten 4/3

Warmth & grip

Open Palm Mitten 2.5 - black

Open Palm Mitten 2.5


Claw Gloves 3/2 - black

Claw Gloves 3/2

Pre-shaped for maximum grip




Ballistic is ION's premium footwear line. If you're looking for exceptional warmth and maximum protection then this is the line for you. Offering support and stretch in all the right places, these shoes provide an incredible level of feedback and feeling even through layers of rubber and neoprene. 

The Plasma line will meet the demands of the budget-oriented rider looking for quality. Offering a great fit and protection from the elements, ION wraps it all up in a spicy and unique design.

Plasma Socks 0.5 - black

Plasma Socks 0.5

Neoprene socks

Plasma Slipper 1.5 Round Toe - 900 black

Plasma Slipper 1.5 Round Toe

Segmented sole


co2 Neutral

All ION Winter Essential products are manufactured climate neutral. This means we offset our CO₂ emissions, caused by production and transport of our products, by supporting clean electricity in Gujarat (India) and improving livelihoods though afforestation in Huangping (China) – supported by ClimatePartner. The entire process is transparent and traceable thanks to the ClimatePartner label and a certificate.


Grab a cup of tea, put on this pair of neoprene boots and do everything else you need to be cosy on the couch because this clip will make you freeze. Marc Paré travelled to Iceland. Windsurfing around glaciers and trapped in snow storms. The rest is history. Just watch for yourself.