ION Water Harnesses


What’s the key to unlimited stoke? Well, it for sure starts with the right equipment whilst ensuring our body’s health. The new 3D Fit Technology featured across all Curv harnesses and other cutting-edge developments are for every rider from beginner to pro.



Why should I choose an ION harness?
ION harnesses are the most innovative harnesses on the market. ION harnesses are technically advanced and feature a smart and progressive design. Thanks to 3D Fit Technology, ION's hard-shell harnesses reduce your risk of injury. At the same time, they increase your performance and overall extend your time on the water. The range of harnesses for women, men and children is very wide.

For kite waist harnesses, men can choose between the ION Apex, the ION Riot and the extra hard ION Riot Team Series. Women can choose between the soft ION Nova and the harder ION SOL Curv. 

For windsurfing waist harnesses, ION offers the Radium, the ION Radium Team Series and the ION Icon Curv as well as the ION Jade for women.

All ION team riders use hard shell waist harnesses. Our ION harnesses support our athletes in winning more titles and breaking existing records!

What is the purpose of a harness in water sports?
The harness is used to distribute the forces of the kite or sail evenly over your body and to reduce the holding forces. Harnesses are used for every discipline of kitesurfing and windsurfing. Harnesses are also available to athletes for wing foiling.

Without a harness, kitesurfing and windsurfing is not possible. Thanks to a harness, you can hook onto your kite or your sail. When kiteboarding you hook into the chicken loop of your bar. When windsurfing, you hook into the harness line on your boom.

A perfectly fitting harness is essential. A perfectly fitting harness is the only way to ensure long-term back health. Also, a good harness will help maximize your performance on the water.

What types of harnesses are there?
Harnesses are primarily divided into seat harnesses and waist harnesses in both kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Seat harnesses are especially designed for beginners and intermediates as well as special applications such as kiteboarding or long-distance windsurfing. They offer extra comfort and support. The straps between the legs prevent the harness from riding up. The pressure point of the power transmission takes place in the lower back area.

Waist harnesses are designed especially for intermediate and advanced water sports enthusiasts. They sit at the waist and therefore a bit higher up compared to seat harnesses. The advantages of a waist harness are mainly the increased freedom of movement and the lower profile. This ensures increased responsiveness.

Can I use a kite harness for windsurfing as well?
Basically, individually developed harnesses are offered for both sports. The optimal solution is to use a specially developed windsurfing harness for windsurfing. Without technical adaptations, a kite harness can only be used for surfing under certain circumstances. A windsurfing harness cannot be used for kitesurfing without further adjustments. This is due to the shape of the hooks. A kite hook is curved at the ends. This prevents the chicken loop from slipping out. A windsurf hook does not need this extra curvature. Accordingly, the use of a windsurf hook for kitesurfing is dangerous.

We recommend always using the hook designed for its purpose. ION offers a modular hook plate system. All hooks on ION hook plates are interchangeable. It is possible to retrofit only a second hook instead of a second harness and exchange it depending on the sport.

How do I choose the right fit?
Finding the perfect fit of your ION Harness is very easy. To determine your size, you need to know your waist circumference. You can measure your waist circumference yourself at home with any measuring tape. Measure at the narrowest point and make sure you are just wearing a thin shirt. Compare your measurement with our size chart. You can find the size chart on every product page.

The fit of our hard-shell harnesses is special. In the Riot Teamseries, Riot Curv and Sol Curv our new 3D Fit technology is applied. In only two steps you can find your individualized fit. Step 1: Waist measurement. Step 2: Back length. The detailed procedure is described on the respective product page.

What is the difference between soft shell vs. hard shell harnesses?
Soft shell harnesses have a flex factor between 1 and 7. Due to the soft shell, the harness adapts to different body shapes. To provide sufficient support, softshell harnesses have a comparatively high profile in the back area.

Hard shell harnesses have a flex factor between 10 and 20 and are characterized by their hard shell. The shell is made of Curv material which is also used in suitcases for better durability. Thanks to the increased back support, hard shell harnesses get by with lower profiles.

Can I use the hooks or spreader bar of other brands for my ION harness?
Unfortunately, the use of third-party hooks or spreader bars is not possible with ION harnesses. ION harnesses and spreader bars are matched to ensure the highest quality and safety.

Why are there different harness hooks or spreader bars and what is their function?Different harness hooks offer different advantages. The aluminum hook is the highest quality hook for kitesurfing. It is characterized by its lightweight. The steel hook is our standard hook. In addition, we offer the Quicklock hook which avoids unintentional unhooking. If you prefer a rope for wave riding and kitesurfing you can easily attach it to our spreader bars.

The Spectre bar is ION's highest quality spreader bar and is the lightest on the entire market. In addition, it is characterized by its lateral Spectre flaps which provide high responsiveness and increased comfort. The C-Bar is ION's standard spreader bar for kitesurfing and has been loved by kiters for many years.