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Windsurfing Harnesses

From pro to beginner - ION windsurfing harnesses are here to be ridden. The hardshell series prioritizes the rider's health by featuring the new 3D Fit Technology. Softshell harnesses are state-of-the-art choices for freestyle, good times on the water.



Why should I choose ION windsurf harnesses?
ION windsurf harnesses are among the best harnesses on the market. They are characterized by their technical advancement, intuitive fit and modern design. Thanks to 3D Fit Technology, ION's hardshell harness ICON Curv reduces your risk of injury. At the same time, they increase your performance and overall extend your time on the water. The range of windsurfing harnesses for men and women is very wide. For waist harnesses, men have the choice between the ION Icon Curv, the ION Radium and the extra soft ION Radium Team Series. Women can choose between the softer ION Jade and seat harnesses.

Windsurf wave champion Marc Paré uses the ION Radium Team Series and ION Icon Curv. The multiple world champion Victor Fernandez is convinced of the ION Radium Team Series.

Which harness do you need for windsurfing?
Both waist harnesses and seat harnesses are available for windsurfing. Harnesses are needed for all variations of windsurfing. Whether in the wave, freestyle, for long distance or simply cruising - without a harness windsurfing is not possible.

Seat harnesses are much more comfortable and provide more safety. They have a lower power transmission point. Seat harnesses are especially designed for beginners and newcomers to windsurfing. In addition, seat harnesses are suitable for very long times on the water.

Waist harnesses are much better performing than seat harnesses. This is due to the higher pressure point on the lower back. In addition, a waist harness is characterized by more freedom of movement and reduced weight. The ION Icon Curv is a waist harness in the hard shell version. Thanks to its extra hard shell, the ION Icon Curv offers significantly more performance, freedom of movement and responsiveness.

What is the difference between a windsurf harness and a kite harness?
The profile of standard models differs little between sports. However, models like the ION Radium are significantly larger than standard kite harnesses. The ION Radium and ION Radium Team Series are deliberately very soft. To protect the back, the support on the surfer's back is therefore particularly large. Hard shell harnesses like the ION Icon Curv in windsurfing and the ION Riot Curv in kiting, do not differ. The profile is the same.

The most important distinction can be observed on the hook. Windsurfing hooks are not suitable for kitesurfing. Kite hooks are only conditionally suitable for windsurfing. If you decide to use a harness for both sports, it is recommended to change the hooks. Thanks to the modular ION Spectre Bar, this is possible without much effort.

Which windsurf harness size do I need?
The size of your perfectly fitting windsurf harness depends on your individual anatomy. To find your size, measure your waist circumference in the first step. For the ION Icon Curv, your back length is also decisive. In addition, you can choose the thickness of the replaceable Ergo_Pad depending on your spinal curvature. To find your perfect size, we offer a special Size Guide. In addition, we offer the possibility to order a free measurement set conveniently at home.

Basically, it is always recommended to follow the size tables of the manufacturer and, if possible, try on the harness in the store.