Clean Beach Day

Join our worldwide beach cleanings from 2021 to “Save our Playgrounds”.


Save the date! Event period: Thursday April 29th - Monday, May 2nd 2021 


The initiative from Duotone, ION and Fanatic aims to protect our environment and to preserve these wonderful places for future generations who also want to enjoy the nature and the stoke of our sports. Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled in 2020. In 2019, on May 1st, we already called on you to help collect trash from shores around the globe and it was a huge success: Close to one tonne of plastic was collected. From Australia to Europe, from Cape Verde to the USA and even to the far reaches of Russia and Brazil; team riders, sales agents, reps and our friends from ION Club joined forces together with you to contribute to the fight against plastic pollution.


But the plastic problem, amongst other environmental challenges, is unabated. In fact, plastic became one of the most pressing environmental issue of today. According to the UN more than 8 million tons of plastic leak into the ocean each year – equal to dumping a garbage truck of plastic every minute. “We see it as our mission to counteract this development by helping to keep the oceans clean and our earth healthy. After all, this is our home – and not just that, it’s our playground where we can enjoy these incredible sports we all love so much,” says Till Eberle, CEO of the Boards&More company.


That’s why we initiated “Save our Playgrounds” – a platform to coordinate actions by our brands Duotone, ION and Fanatic to protect our environment.  This is paired with steady efforts to minimize our company’s environmental footprint, like reducing plastic packaging, using recyclable materials and stepping up for greener manufacturing processes. In 2021 we will extend the initiative and organize beach cleanings for multiple days to maximize the effect and to make it easier for everyone to join us - we call to all of you again to help us clean the beaches.

Do you also feel the desire to change something? Just bring a collection bin and meet up with our team riders and lots of other ocean lovers. 

The ocean is our playground, our race track and relaxation zone, our source of inspiration and thrill. We love it. Not only for the endless opportunities it offers in regard to kiting and windsurfing but also for the power, strength, and beauty it exudes. Without it kiteboarding and windsurfing wouldn’t be the same. Yet this essential part of our lives is seriously threatened.

Huge amounts of garbage, especially plastic, are endangering our oceans and the wildlife living in it. By now, plastic makes up for most of the marine litter worldwide. Experts estimate it at millions of tons. And those numbers are growing. According to the UN more than 8 million tons of plastic leak into the ocean each year – equal to dumping a garbage truck of plastic every minute. If we continue dumping items such as plastic bottles, bags, and cups after a single use at our current rate, estimates suggest that by 2050 oceans will carry more plastic than fish. Plastic is particularly harmful to the environment as it doesn’t break down easily. A PET bottle for example takes up to 450 years to completely decompose.

Erik Solheim, head of the UN Environment Programme, said, "It is past time that we tackle the plastic problem that blights our oceans. Plastic pollution is surfing onto Indonesian beaches, settling onto the ocean floor at the North Pole, and rising through the food chain onto our dinner tables. We’ve stood by too long as the problem has gotten worse. It must stop." Let’s stop it now. Let’s take action and not be the ones to wait for someone else to take care of it.