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Functional mountainbike jackets and pants for bad weather days. Rain, mud, wind and the cold – we got the right kind of shelter you need to extend your mountainbike season. Stop chasing the sun and face the elements. Nasty weather is cancelled from your vocabulary – so is winter break.

We at ION believe that it’s worth going out even when the sun doesn’t shine. To get the most out of cloudy days, we offer water-repellent and windproof mountainbike outerwear. On somedays you just wish for shelter from pouring rain, on others you face unstable conditions and need outerwear that keeps you dry but also let’s moist air out. Additionally, extra layers provide warmth and keep cold winds out.


Besides a bike-specific fit mountainbike jackets should balance water resistance and breathability. They also differentiate in their specific application. You can choose between fully waterproof models with high water column like ION’s Jacket Shelter 3L, windproof softshell jackets or hybrid jackets that combine the best of all mentioned properties.


Mountainbike jackets should feature a close fit that still allows room for movement and extra layers underneath. Keep in mind that your body position differs from going hiking – that’s why you should invest in a jacket with bike-specific fit. ION’s Shelter jackets offer an ergonomic fit that adapts to the rider’s position on the mountainbike. The back is cut slightly longer to provide enough coverage while the front is shorter to prevent annoying folds in the front. The sleeves come in an articulated fit. This means that they also follow the natural arm position on the bike. Therefore, they are longer and work without extra velcros or closures. The hood is also optimized to fit on mountainbike helmets. The self-adjusting structures follows your head. This prevents blind spots and keeps the hood in place.

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ION jackets feature a shorter cut in the front and longer cut in the back to adapt to the rider's body position on the bike.
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The bike specific cut avoids folds in the front and gaps in the back or in the cuff area.


3Layers or often just referred to 3L indicates how many layers are bonded together to create the outer shell of a jacket. The most outer layer is what protects you directly against the elements. Beneath that sits a membrane layer that works as waterproof barrier – also known as PTFE. This layer is more delicate and must be protected against constant wear and tear. That’s why it is laminated onto a robust inner layer that sandwiches the membrane between itself and the outer shell. Though this sounds like a lot of material the laminated construction feels like one single piece of fabric when worn. 3 Layer jackets usually come with a very long lifetime and high durability which makes them perfect for mountainbiking. They also offer a level of protection against the elements whether it be rain, snow or wind.

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More layers, more variations, less environmental impact

Adding new styles, cutlines, and materials to our Shelter range enables riders to face any conditions. From mellow day trips in late summer to muddy home trails and skidding through snowy backcountry lines. The number in the product names (3L) refers to how many layers are bonded together to create a waterproof fabric. each model features a membrane that works as a waterproof barrier. On top, they feature a water-durable repellency treatment.


ION Bike_MTB Jackets 3L_Inside View

The delicate membrane is laminated onto a robust inner layer that sandwiches the membrane between itself and the outer shell. Though this sounds like a lot of material, the laminated construction feels like one single piece of fabric when worn. Very durable, High level of weather protection, Soft next-to-skin feeling.


IOB-Bike Jacket Shelter Anorak 2_5L_inside

Instead of an inner layer, this technology uses a spray-on coating on the inside to protect the membrane against wear and tear. Flexible material, Lightweight.


ION Bike_MTB Jackets 2L_Inside View

The membrane is directly bonded to the outer shell. On the inside, a sewn-in mesh fabric increases wearing comfort and protects the membrane from abrasion. Durable material, Comfortable, Weather protection.

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Layer Up!

The outer shell is your protection against whatever nature throws at you. But you should also consider which layers you wear underneath. The goal is to keep you warm without looking like the Michelin man and to maintain freedom of movement on the bike. We recommend three layers to tackle bad weather days.

ION Bike_Stylefinder Shelter_MTB Outerwear-Base Layer

Base layer

Lightweight & moisture-wicking

Your first layer should contain functional fabrics that quickly transport moisture away from the body. Opt for fast-drying shirts or tank tops with high breathability. MTB base layer shorts often come with padding of the seat area that improves comfort on top.


Mid layer

Warmth & versatility

On dry days the Shelter Jacket Hybrid can already be enough insulation. If you’re facing rain or wind, throw on a protective jacket. The mid layer doesn’t only act as warming component. It should also transport moisture away from the body. Our Mid Layer Traze Women and Seek Tech Hoody can be comfortably worn underneath your outer shell & come with all the fast-drying properties you need.


Outer shell

Weather protection

The outer shell comes on last and protects you from rain and wind. ION’s outerwear jackets come with waterproof and wind-stopping abilities. You should choose a functional mountain bike-specific jacket that lets moisture from the inside evaporate while keeping the rain outside.

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Gear up from head to toe. Simply click the outfits below to discover everything you need to battle bad weather.

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Pants Shelter 3L unisex - 900 black
2 Colors

MTB Pants Shelter 3L Unisex

Fully weatherproof, sustainable materials


Pants Shelter 3L unisex - 214 shark-grey
Pants Shelter 3L unisex - 900 black
Gloves Shelter Amp Hybrid Padded unisex - 900 black

MTB Gloves Shelter Amp Hybrid Padded

Warmth & water-repellent


Shoes Rascal Amp unisex - 999 multicolor
3 Colors

MTB Clipless Shoes Rascal Amp

Compatible with all MTB clipless pedals


Shoes Rascal Amp unisex - 100 white
Shoes Rascal Amp unisex - 900 black
Shoes Rascal Amp unisex - 999 multicolor
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Mike Hopkins explains: Shelter LS BAT

ION Bike_ss23_outerwear_shelter_women

Shelter Women

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Shelter Men

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Pacome His (Pictures by Pierre Vieira)).jpg

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