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Footwear Guide

Footwear Guide

We at ION believe there’s more to a good bike shoe than just grip. That’s why we focus on the Concept of Control, mixing grip, protective elements, and a sport seat feeling into stylish & technical mountain bike kicks. Most of the time, your preferred bike pedals (flat or click) determine what kind of shoe you need. Let us take you from there – there’s more to discover!


SELECT: Our top-notch level with premium features & materials

AMP: Maximum performance for a good price

CORE: Entry level & minimalistic


Please note: There is no rule for which shoes you have to ride in terrain. This is our recommendation for ION mountain bike shoes. This shouldn’t keep you from following your own preferences. Here are some tips if you are completely unsure which system to use.


.Easy to alter foot placement

.More freedom of movement

.Better for technique development


.Secure foot placement

.High power transmission (more efficient)

Allmountain/Enduro: Clipless Shoes

In this category, it is most likely you want to go for the Rascal. The seamless connection to your bike offers uncompromised power transmission, making pedaling more efficient. On technical trail sections, you don’t have to worry about keeping your feet on the pedal and rocky bits or roots won’t shake you off.


. Compatible with all common MTB-Pedals

. Power Transmission & Efficiency



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Enduro/Downhill: Clipless or Flat Pedal Shoes

In this category, it really comes down to your preferences and individual riding style. While some swear to clipless, others may like the freedom of movement & hassle-free use of flat pedal shoes. Whatever you choose - we made sure to optimize the stiffness for optimal power transmission, provide ultimate grip on and off the pedal and add protective elements to protect against roots, rocks, or contact with the cranks.


. Ultimate Grip / Smart cleat positioning

. Protective Elements (on Amp/Select Level)

. Technical & performance-oriented



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Downhill/Freeride: Flat Pedal Shoes

The Seek & Scrub shoes are the right match for everyone who wants to keep it casual, from the slopestyle course, progressive freeride or downhill rides to the bar after the session. Of course, outfitted with our usual features, from a grippy outsole to protective elements wrapped in a sneaker design.


. Urban-inspired & progressive

. Ultimate grip

. Protective elements (on Amp Level)



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