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Raid II

Footwear ITEM NO. 47900-4374
Shoe Raid II
Shoe Raid II
Shoe Raid II
ITEM NO. 47900-4374


Shoe Raid II black
Shoe Raid II crank crocodile
Shoe Raid II ocean blue
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Pin Tonic Sole Concept

New Suptraction Soul FL rubber compound with a softer midsole thus allowing maximum grip and a long-lasting character.

Pre-Shaped Heel

Pre-shaped heel cup for great comfort and precise fit to guarantee superior heel hold.

SupTraction_Rubber Soul FL

Newly developed flatpedal sole made from a supersticky rubber for enhanced pedal grip. Designated pedal area in the forefoot region, focus on traction while walking with the profile underneath the toes and the heel.

moulded EVA insole

Pre-shaped insole for basic support of foot arch.