Write Your Own Chapter

This series of episodes is meant to encourage you to join our journey. Everyone’s story is unique. So is every chapter of the series. We explore, we go on adventures, we seek thrill, we fail but then succeed and set out to inspire others. Whether on the trails, in the water or in the air, every chapter addresses one of these attributes.
ION Bike_Outerwear 2023_Shelter 3L

Shelter Outwerwear Collection

Extend your day by packing for the uncertainty, gear up in style for the weather at hand or prepare to explore with the right kit. Shelter brings a unique range of bike-specific outdoor equipment. Built to withhold any element you throw at it. Go out, feel sheltered and brave the elements. Show us where it brings you #bravetheelements


The concept of control - Whatever you ride or seek, we are sure to have the right shoe for you.


Mission complete. The helmet range completes the protection portfolio from head to toe. As the leaders in MTB protection, the only thing missing from our product range was helmets. After working with the long-standing industry specialist MET, helmets are now part of the ION DNA.


Falling is part of the game. ION has you covered!