ION Bike Body Armor

MTB Body Armor

No matter where, how far, or hard you want to go, we will take you there and back again. Pure riding is our only maxim. Hence, protection our foundation since day one.


ION MTB protectors provide protection for safe and fun biking

Especially in action-packed cycling, such as Enduro/Downhill, there is an increased risk of injury and therefore "just" an MTB helmet is indeed not enough. You should also think about protecting your knees and elbows and especially your spine and neck. It is therefore recommended that you use bicycle protectors such as knee pads, shin pads, elbow pads and protective clothing in general. Protective gear is specially designed for movement patterns and loads when biking. Gear is hardly noticeable under slightly wider-cut MTB clothing and will protect you in case of a fall.

Complete bicycle protective gear includes the following MTB protectors, which also depend on your areas of use:

· Neck protectors
· Upper body protectors
· Elbow pads
· Protective shorts
· Knee pads
· Shin guards

Protective clothing - protection for the upper and lower body
Bike protectors for the back and chest come in the form of waistcoats or shorts. Waistcoat protectors are usually equipped with padding along the back and shoulders. You can also find back protectors that also function as a backpack, thus offering protection and storage space at the same time. Protective shorts are designed as underwear, so they can be worn under MTB shorts or MTB trousers and they offer protection along the the hips, tailbone and thighs with foam and SAS-Tec padding.

Elbow pads
Elbow protection is absolutely crucial so as to avoid serious injuries to the joint in the event of a fall. ION Bike relies on a special fit and unique materials that correspond to the natural position of the elbow.

Knee protectors
Since the knee is a very sensitive joint and injuries in this area can not only cause extraordinary damage, but are usually also tied to long-term conditions, we recommend protecting this complex area of the leg from injury with MTB knee pads.

Shin guards
MTB shin pads are particularly important if you are using flat pedal shoes, as there is a high risk of slipping and injuring your shin. This type of protector can usually be worn in combination with knee pads. However, if you use clipless shoes, MTB knee guards should be enough.

What is the purpose of bicycle protectors?
In general, and this applies to all bicycle protectors, they distribute and thus reduce the forces acting on the body in the event of a fall. They also protect against abrasions and injuries caused by objects. Depending on your area of use, you should choose between hard and soft protectors. ION Bike protective products are categorised as follows:

Light protection > all-mountain / enduro
Consisting of a compression fit characterised by lightweight, flexible and breathable materials. This type of soft protector offers excellent protection but still enough freedom of movement.

Medium impact protection > enduro / downhill
An intermediate form of soft and hard protectors that are very flexible but still, thanks to SAS-Tec pads, protect against medium-hard impacts in the event of falls and also absorb lateral impacts. Also available in a zip version that makes them easy to pull on and off.

High impact protection > downhill/ freeride
Pads with Level 2 certification offer the highest form of impact protection. Thanks to their robust material, these shock-absorbing pads prevent injuries when falling on hard objects such as stones and rocks. This type of protection offers maximum protection, but is less flexible and breathable in comparison.

All protectors have removable pads, which can be replaced if necessary and taken out for washing.

Which bike protectors should I choose?
The type of protective gear depends on your area of use and your personal riding style. In general, we always recommend trying on protectors in advance and checking the fit and position. ION Bike offers the right protection for little ones, men and women - all according to riding style and taste. Explore our range of award-winning protectors and discover our protector guide with helpful answers about protectors. (Link)