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Mountain bike (MTB) shoes

Whatever the terrain, whether all mountain/enduro, downhill & freeride, finding the right MTB shoe for men and women is often not that easy. It is important to know that there are two types of MTB shoes, namely flat pedal and clipless shoes. Depending on your personal preferences, ION Bike has the right formula for technical and stylish mountain bike shoes that includes perfect grip, protective elements and performance-oriented comfort.

To ensure you're safe and comfortable on demanding terrain, you need an extraordinary buffer between your foot and pedal: the MTB shoe. Choosing the right mountain bike shoe plays a huge role in transferring power in the best possible, controlled manner while pedalling. There are basically two types of MTB shoes: flat pedal and clipless shoes. Which type of shoe is suitable for you depends on your area of use. Fit and comfort are without a doubt also crucial. Mountain bikers who are looking for a firm grip and maximum power transmission should go with clipless shoes. Bikers who want more flexibility and freedom of movement should focus on flat pedal shoes.

How is an MTB shoe built?
Mountain bike shoes consists of several components and materials and are much more robust and hard-wearing than a normal shoe; this stiffer construction ensures efficient and precise power transmission to the pedal. The following factors are of great importance for MTB shoes:

· Upper material
· Closure
· Sole (outer and inner)
· Compatibility with pedal system

MTB shoe upper material
The upper material of mountain bike shoes is ideally water-repellent, but still breathable. Depending on the area of use and terrain, it is also important to choose heat-insulating materials that don't let the cold stand a chance on high trails in summer and keep your feet warm. To ensure your shoes last a long time, always try to keep the upper as clean as possible. If you have tackled a trail in rougher condition, then clean the surface as soon as possible to prevent dirt particles from penetrating the fabric and hardening. If dirt sticks to the surface longer, this inevitably leads to permanent damage and the performance of your MTB shoe will be compromised. You can find our recommendations for cleaning MTB shoes here > Link to care instructions.

MTB shoe closures
There are different types of closures and in a broader sense choosing the right one is probably also a question of taste. An individual adjustment in the respective areas of use is important. In general, ION Bike MTB shoes have the following types of closures:

· Quick lace system
· BOA® Fit System
· Velcro fastener
· classic shoelaces 

The Quick Lace closure is not a classic lace-up system, but a mechanism that allows you to fasten your shoes with a simple pull and allows you to also easily release the fastener again when opening it. The lacing is fed through a guide and can be easily operated with one hand. This type of lacing allows the shoe to be adjusted individually and according to specific areas of use. At ION Bike you will find this lacing system used in combination with an extra wide Velcro fastener for additional support.

BOA® delivers fit solutions proven to enable greater agility and speed, power and precision, and health and endurance in athletes across segments. Each unique configuration is engineered with performance fit at the center to create a precise fit and better connection between an athlete and their equipment.

BOA® Technology integrates micro-adjustable dials, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides onto footwear, helmets, braces and other gear, delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance. 

Velcro fasteners rarely serve as an independent closure system in MTB shoes and have a more supportive effect by covering other systems - e.g. shoelaces - and keeping them in place. 

Classic lacing is certainly a common way of fastening MTB shoes. It offers perfect comfort both when pedalling and off the seat, as there are often situations where you dismount and guide your mountain bike through difficult passages. It is precisely in such moments that classic lacing adapts to the shape of the foot and ensures that you can swing back on the mountain bike pain-free and resume pedalling.

Sole construction
An MTB shoe consists of an inner, middle and outer sole. ION Bike uses "Ortholite Eco Plush" material for the insole, which thanks to its special padding provides incredible comfort and is also breathable. ION Bike uses an EVA construction for the midsole while the "Pin-Tonic 2.0" outsole is extremely non-slip thanks to its textured tread and the use of "Suptraction Rubber Compound Soul DL", which provides incredible grip and promises incredible durability.

With MTB clipless shoes, the click system is located on the underside of the outsole. It ensures extra secure footing on the pedal and keeps the foot in place even under heavy pressure. Especially in passages that are uneven and require a higher position, anchoring using a click system is of great importance to prevent slipping and thus falling off your bike. The ION Bike MTB clipless shoe product range is compatible with all common MTB clipless systems.

Whichever system you choose, when it comes to clipless shoes you should practice getting on and off the pedals because, despite the clear advantages of this system, you can't take your foot off the pedal as quickly as with conventional flat pedal shoes. 

MTB shoes: your perfect partner for every use
Which MTB shoe is the right one for you depends on what you need your shoe to do and also on your personal likes, preferences and taste. ION Bike offers a range of options for men and women when it comes to the mountain bike shoe product portfolio. To get an overview of the MTB shoe world and also to be able to choose which one is right for you, visit our "Footwear Guide" which will point you in the right direction.

ION Bike stands for "True to our Concept of Control" - Trust in a unique formula - Grip + Protection Elements + Sportseat Feeling: discover our concept and find the right shoe for you.