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K-Pact ZIP

Body Armor ITEM NO. 47800-5970
Knee Pads K-Pact Zip unisex
Knee Pads K-Pact Zip unisex
Knee Pads K-Pact Zip unisex
Knee Pads K-Pact Zip unisex
ITEM NO. 47800-5970


Knee Pads K-Pact Zip unisex black/900
Knee Pads K-Pact Zip unisex ocean blue






SAS-TEC Main Padding

SAS-TEC is a German-based innovative producer of body armor protective components. SAS-TEC has a long track record of producing outstanding motorbike protection – and is the best choice for your safety. We use 3D-protectors made of visco elastic soft foam with incredible shock absorption values.


Very flexible and robust neoprene with superior breathability. Of course not if compared with a mesh fabric. But for neoprene it is the most breathable one we used to date.

Quick_E zipper

A fully integrated zipper opens the protector sleeve from top to bottom. Quicker gear up times mean longer rides.

Lightweight_EVA side padding

Closed cell foam – lightweight and flexible protection where you need it.


Power_Aramid is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. Today it’s used for a range of applications from bulletproof helmets to tires to bow strings. It offers outstanding tear resistance and tensile strength.

Heavy Impact Protection (EN 1621-1, Level 2)


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