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MTB Backpack Guide

A good backpack should make you forget you’re carrying extra luggage. Depending on your plans and preferences, ION offers backpack models of different sizes, with or without protection and hydration systems.


If you are going for long tours or want to pack drinks, food, and other equipment you should consider getting a backpack for your biking trips. The backpack will distribute loads evenly on your back and will make carrying all this extra stuff a pleasant experience. If you want to bring just water and some smaller tools, a hip bag may already be sufficient for you. Lightweight backpacks with up to 8L of storage offer additional space for jackets or extra layers. On enduro tours, we recommend choosing a backpack with back protection. That makes wearing protection vests unnecessary. On top, you can bring all the things you need to remote locations, from weather protection to tools, maps, snacks, and spare parts.

ION Bike_Product Guide MTB Backpacks-Traze


All mountain / Enduro

Functional and lightweight but enough space to take tools, snacks, hydration, and all the essentials with you – the Traze backpacks or hip bags are ideal for your all-day adventures and uphills.

. Breathable materials

. Ergonomic fit

. Option to store drinking bladder


Bag Hipbag Plus Traze 3 - 787 ocean blue
4 Colors

MTB Hipbag Plus Traze 3

Ergonomic fit, hydration system included


Bag Hipbag Plus Traze 3 - 787 ocean blue
Bag Hipbag Plus Traze 3 - 214 shark-grey
Bag Hipbag Plus Traze 3 - 191 thunder grey
Bag Hipbag Plus Traze 3 - 900 black
Pack Backpack Villain 8 - 900 black

MTB Backpack Villain 8

Lightweight & ergonomic, hydration system included



Bag Hipbag Traze 1 - 191 thunder grey
3 Colors

MTB Hipbag Traze 1

Minimalistic storage


Bag Hipbag Traze 1 - 191 thunder grey
Bag Hipbag Traze 1 - 214 shark-grey
Bag Hipbag Traze 1 - 900 black
Bag Hipbag Traze 3 - 900 black
4 Colors

MTB Hipbag Traze 3

Ergonomic fit, functional storage


Bag Hipbag Traze 3 - 900 black
Bag Hipbag Traze 3 - 214 shark-grey
Bag Hipbag Traze 3 - 191 thunder grey
Bag Hipbag Traze 3 - 787 ocean blue
ION Bike_Product Guide MTB Backpacks-Scrub



Especially for rough downhills and technical, steep trails body armor is often necessary. The Scrub backpack has an integrated SAS-Tec protection plate, making extra layers obsolete. The Scrub Backpack offers a lot of storage, an anatomical fit, and even an integrated sleeve for your e-bike battery.

Pack Backpack Scrub 14 - 900 black

MTB Backpack Scrub 14

Durable & ergonomic fit, back protection included



Backpacks come in different sizes according to body height. That is only relevant for backpacks that cover your entire back (hip bags come in one size). Additionally, you will find the volume of the backpack given in liters. 14L is enough for a day pack size, while 1-3L will provide space for the essentials.


Most of the time it is enough to brush off dirt with a soft brush or damp cloth. For deeper cleaning please follow the instructions below:

  • Do not wash backpacks in the washing machine.

  • Dust or light dirt can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth.

  • Coarser dirt can be removed with warm water or soaked in a water bath if necessary.

  • Do not use aggressive detergents to avoid destroying the coating. pH-neutral soap or shower gel is best.

  • Squeeze foam parts in the water to remove salt marks.

  • Allow your backpack to air dry.

  • Waterproof your backpack regularly – best after cleaning when it is not yet completely dry

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