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MTB Helmet Guide

Mission complete. The helmet range completes the ION MTB protection portfolio from head to toe. Together with long-standing industry specialist MET, we developed the first range of ION helmets for every aspect of mountain bike riding – from city pump tracks to alpine trails & fast descents.

Level Description

You will find that our ION mountain bike helmets come in different levels concerning pricing and features. The different levels will give you an indication on which model to choose: 

SELECT: Our top-notch level with premium materials and features 

AMP: Maximum performance for a good price 

CORE: Entry level & minimalistic 

Please note: The level does not affect the safety level & quality of the helmet. All ION helmets fulfill the mandatory CE-certification for mountain bike helmets. The Traze Amp MIPS® helmet even exceeds all the worldwide certifications and performs best at both linear and rotational impacts.


Your exposure to risks and applicability determines which level of coverage you need. Full face helmets are targeted to gravity-oriented use with a high level of risk & an often more hazardous environment (rocks, higher drops, etc.). Half-shell MTB helmets on the other hand, offer more breathability and an open face since which makes them more applicable for tours, mellow trails & pedaling.

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All mountain / Enduro

Roaming the forests & climbing mountains. This category speaks to adventurers that seek extra protection no matter if on an e-bike or enduro bike. The lightweight half shell construction focuses on high protection without compromising functionality. 

. MIPS® Brain Protection 

. Extended head coverage without distraction 

. All-mountain / Enduro specific design

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Helmet Traze Amp MIPS


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Helmet Traze Amp MIPS

Peak White

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Helmet Traze Amp MIPS

Crimson Earth

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Helmet Traze Amp MIPS


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Enduro / Downhill

This is for everyone feeling at home on downhill tracks & in bikeparks. You’ll probably face high-speed, rocks, roots, drops, jumps and whatever the trail builders throw at you. To make this adrenaline-charged ride safe for you, you should rely on full-face helmets that do not only cover your head & neck but also shields your face from impacts. Additionally, mountain bike specific goggles are almost a must-have in the bikepark. 

Amp Level: The Scrub Amp helmet comes with all the safety features you will need and is targeted at weekend warriors on a budget. 

Select Level: Super lightweight Carbon construction and enhanced protection through MIPS® brain protection system. This model is targeted at everyone who emphasises performance, especially on downhill racing. 

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Mike Hopkins explains the Scrub Select MIPS helmet

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Helmet Scrub Amp


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Helmet Scrub Amp


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Helmet Scrub Select MIPS®


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Freeride / BMX

The mountains are not our only playground. The minimalistic half shell for BMX & jump bike is made to discover urban features, cruising concrete bowls, and chasing your buddies on the pumptrack.  

. Durable hard shell 

. Adjustable fit system 

. Stays in place, even on your wildest tricks

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Helmet Seek


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Helmet Seek

Peak White

ION Bike_Product Guide MTB Helmets_Helmet Seek

Helmet Seek

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Mountain bike helmets are specialized for high-speed impacts from bigger heights & offers more coverage than normal cycle helmets.

ION Bike_MIPS Brain Protection System

MIPS® Brain Protection System

You can find MIPS® technology in selected products from our range. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Developed by Swedish medics & engineers, the system elevates protection from multi-directional impacts with strong rotational forces on your head. The system can be found as a small low-friction layer between the EPS hard shell and inner lining of the helmet. The MIPS® system allows a multidirectional-movement of 10-15mm on certain angled impacts, which reduces the rotational forces affecting the brain.

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ION x MET MTB helmets are constructed from a thin outer shell (full-face: composite fiberglass or carbon construction, open-face: polycarbonate or ABS) and a thicker foam (EPS) layer. Some models feature an additional MIPS® system. The foam layer absorbs the forces from an impact and distributes them evenly throughout the whole helmet. While doing so the foam layer is compressed and ruptures. The outer shell holds the whole construction together. That’s also why you should replace your helmet after each major crash.


Let’s be honest: we love pushing the boundaries & seeking the thrill. However, that wouldn’t be possible without our most valuable asset – our brains. We believe that pushing yourself & protection go hand-in-hand. That’s why protection lies deep within our brand DNA. Your helmet is the first and single-most important part of your protective equipment and you will never see a real mountain biker riding without one.


The right fit is essential to get the most protection out of your helmet. To find your right size, follow the measuring instruction below and note the right measuring point. 

Half shell helmets can be adjusted in circumference through their fit system on the back.  

Full face helmets have less margin for adjustments but come with different foam thicknesses to adjust the fit on the inside.  

On both helmet types, you should tighten your chin straps so far that it doesn’t slip over your chin. Additional cheek pads for full face are available here.

About MET

Met has been making cycling helmets for over 30 years. Due to their specialisation in helmets, they ensure the absolute highest standards of quality and safety every time. Since ever - ION has developed technical, award-winning body armor for all riding styles. Protection is in our brand DNA. 

Now with this collaboration, this outstanding product is ready for you! 

Including full know-how and expertise from the most forward-thinking brands on the market, we are thrilled to add a new category to the ION product portfolio.

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