ION Bike_MTB bikewear for kids

MTB Youth Guide

This one’s for you, little shredders: the ION Youth line. Our goal was to develop high-performance bikewear and a protective gear line for young bloods. In terms of style, the younger generation can now keep up with older ones. ION Youth stands for young riders, aged 6–12, and combines all the product details and the high quality you’ll also find in the men’s and women’s line.

MTB Protection

We decided only our best-selling & award-winning pads are enough for the MTB offspring. That’s why we’re offering the K-Pact & E-Pact in youth sizes. The thoughtful reconstruction and designs fit the smaller limbs of kids and provides a snug, secure fit. In contrary to adult’s pads, the Youth version features a Level 1 impact certification. Due to the lower weight, less speed & reduced force of impact, this is well enough for kids. It provides the same impact protection as Level-2-certified pads for adults. Youth knee & elbow pads feature more adjustment options than the adult version. This lets the protective gear “grow” with the kids and helps to maintain a reliable fit on different body shapes.

ION Bike_MTB bikewear for Kids
Knee pads, elbow pads & more

What MTB protection does my kid need?

First of all, a helmet is mandatory in the bikepark as well as on the streets. Like adults, kids should also wear additional protection depending on where they ride and their ability level. Our motto is “better safe than sorry”: we want to get young people stoked for biking. Falling is part of the game and almost inevitable, no matter your age. Nevertheless, we think especially young riders need extra protection. That’s why we offer only one protection level which covers all sorts of riding styles. Next to a helmet, we recommend wearing elbow and knee pads. Mountain bike gloves offer light protection against abrasions and increase comfort.

ION Bike_MTB Jacket and Pants for Kids
MTB Jerseys, shorts & pants

Do kids need special clothes for mountain biking? 

Kid’s mountain bike wear puts up with a lot of strain. That’s why our Youth bikewear comes with the same qualities and features you can find on the adult’s line. Most groms find their first steps on the pumptrack, small jumps and in the bikepark where they can try & learn in a safe environment. Hence it was only logical to settle the Youth line within our Scrub – Enduro/Downhill segment. This means that the bikewear comes with extra durability through reinforced seams & robust materials. But also, functionality doesn’t come too short. DriRelease® Eco dries four times faster than regular cotton while having a similar hand-feel & casual look. Other garments feature a mesh structure for extra ventilation. On pants & shorts, we’re using flexible 4Way_Strech fabric to ensure freedom of movement in all directions. On top, they are easy to clean and ready to accompany your kid’s journey from first corners to new tricks.

ION Bike_MTB Gloves for Kids

Does my kid need gloves for mountain biking?

Mountain bike gloves work differently from your good old knit mittens. Their primary goal is to improve the grip and feeling on the handlebar. Furthermore, they improve comfort by eliminating irritations on the palm. Last but not least, they offer a light level of protection against branches but also in case of crashes. Since warmth is less of objective, ION mountain bike gloves come with a breathable and flexible upper. All in all, mountain bike gloves should be an essential part in your kid’s bike outfit. 
ION Bike_MTB Shoes for Kids
MTB shoes

Do kids need special mountain bike shoes? 

Mountain bike shoes offer more than regular trainers regarding durability, comfort, grip and protection. Their construction is made to withstand wear-and-tear from dirt, rocks, roots and the general strain of mountain biking. The sole features a sticky rubber compound, which increases traction between the shoe and the pedal. More precisely, the pins of the pedal. With this improved connection, the young riders have a better control and avoid slipping off the pedal. ION mountain bike shoes offer additional protection features in the toe area and on the inside of the ankles.  ION shoes start at size EU 36 / US 4. 
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