Women Wetsuit Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5

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900 black

Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5 - 900 black
Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5 - 991 capsule-pink
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The Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5 is the longer version of a swimsuit with more coverage for action-packed sessions. Longer legs and the crossed strap design make sure everything stays in place. On top you can enjoy basic protection against sun rays, wind-chill and abrasion from your equipment. Pairing it with our neo zip jacket scores extra style points!
22°C - 27°C 72°F - 81°F

A silky interior lining ensures a comfortable feel against bare skin. Despite its cozy appearance, it proves to be incredibly durable with its superb flexibility.


All stress points are reinforced and securely sealed from the inside using Melco tape.

80% Neopren 20% Nylon

Item-no. 48223-4553

Optimum Stretch
Optimum Stretch

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